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Nobody likes somebody else’s leftovers.  Second-hand clothes are rarely appealing.  Sandwiches that are bitten into are gross.  Hand-me-downs, scraps, debris, the remnant, what is left untouched, crumbs.  Whatever we call it, we could do without them.  Things that are brand new tend to make us smile.  A brand new car.  A brand new cupcake (at […]

Made in America

Some food for thought – you do the dishes 🙂 – I got that from a Jay-Z line.  

Ode to the glorious friend.

Here’s to the amazing friend.  He/she that is willing to walk with you through the miry pit.  The loyal companion that engages with your heartbreak.  The one that does not just want an update to satiate curiosity or fulfill informational obligations.  The person that offers solutions to problems even when the solutions are absurd.  The […]

The Dead End.

When we used to live in my last house, there is a certain street that visitors would take in order to get back to the freeway.  This street looked like it went to the main street – it certainly didn’t – much to the annoyance of those unfamiliar with it.  This street was a dead […]

“I did it for the glory” – Kanye West

Every action or good deed creates glory.  When you do something that is “worthy of praise,” glory automatically occurs.  Even when you do something wrong, glory turns on.  Glory is a powerful phenomenon – much like love.  Glory cannot be contained – we are people of glory.  We consume it, give it, occupy it, and […]

The Mind of a Miracle

What is our role in a miracle?  By definition, a miracle is something that requires Divine intervention, or something that happens without our doing.  It is something that cannot be explained away.  It is Supernatural – beyond the physical realm.  Do we have anything to do with a miracle?  Do we “help” a miracle along?  […]