7 Miracles Away

You can never quite articulate the space you have to live in when chasing and hoping for a miracle. It is a space of extreme despair, extreme anxiety, potential joy, deep anguish, profound desire, and persistent sacrifice. This space is quite intriguing. You can find yourself dreaming during the morning, crying in the afternoon, smiling at dusk, anxious at night, and then a bit more tears before bed. The space before a miracle cannot be described – it can only be experienced if one dares to enter such a realm.

It’s one thing to chase a miracle – it’s another to need a miracle just to experience another miracle. Some of you need multiple miracles to hit your stride. You need one miracle just to activate the working of another miracle. When you live in this space, you have two choices – give up hope and just be normal, or become as insane as the last world changer.

There is a zone where people who experience miracles stay in. This zone is perplexing and marred with confusion beyond belief. This zone has plenty of self-deprecating innuendos and darkness all around it. This zone is hard as hell. It is a zone that most people haven’t the slightest clue about. Only people who have big cajones can compete here. The key to having big cajones is to not care about failing. Those who are great could have been big failures as well. It was one or two miracles that changed them into people of deep impact. Without those miracles, they would be considered failures.

When you are 7 miracles away, you cannot live in the future. The future doesn’t exist unless the potential of the present is realized. The most important thing to realize is that nothing you do can create a miracle. There is no causal relation between hard work and experiencing something outside yourself. A miracle is a gift from the stars. It is providence. Providence does not help those who help themselves. Providence shows its face to the unlikely candidates – and the ones who were humble enough to accept it. Workaholics don’t experience more miracles than lazy people. When you are needing a miracle, you will work hard. It is a function of being in that space. When everyday is new and difficult, you will work your ass off. You won’t necessarily feel like you’re working hard, but you will be functioning at a level that you never thought was possible.

Being 7 miracles away means you have to get used to living by desperate faith. Will you live out of a car? Will you change your spending habits? Will you not do the things everyone around you will? Will you hustle like your life depends on it? Will you stay humble when all you have to show for is your pride? Will you lose all your titles and accomplishments for something greater? Are you willing to be a fool – the clown – the one who doesn’t get as much respect? How much do you want it?

Will you allow yourself to be served by others when you are 7 miracles away? – or will your pride get in the way? People who are 7 miracles away defy the laws of nature, and are too naive to understand that they will never get what they are searching for. There is something so pure about naivety because it makes you foolish in the right ways. Foolish enough to attempt the impossible. Foolish enough to make yourself look like a grade A idiot, for the thing that the Almighty has deposited in you.

So here’s to your first miracle where the odds are 99% against you for even achieving that – here’s to the 6 more that you don’t stand a chance at achieving even in your wildest dreams – here’s to your life that you will never ever get – you don’t stand a chance…..

or do you? Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo

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