>Don’t Judge Me!!!!

>Everyone is afraid to make judgment calls because they don’t want to be labeled as someone who “judges.” When our friends and family do stupid things, we refuse to say a word. We dare not hold people to higher standards because we are well aware of our own moral pitfalls. Afterall, we are all drenched in our own set of flaws. Being judgmental is wrong. Most religions would agree that it is not our place to judge others. The Bible is very clear that we are never to judge people. Today, we have no idea what this type of judging even means. Any form of criticism or concern is judging. When people say “I don’t judge,” endangered species hear, “I don’t care.” When people say “I know it’s wrong but I can’t say anything about it,” endangered species hear, “I am too uninterested to care for my friends that way.”

I find no need to address people who have a problem with judging others. This is between you and your God – deal with it. There are few human ways to combat being judgmental. When you understand who you are, you will find very little room to condemn others. This is all I will say to these people. Ask God to help you with this.

The group that I choose to address are those of you who struggle with not wanting to be judgmental, but knowing that you have a higher moral/social hope for yourself and those around you. You are constantly battling on the inside, unaware of your presence or place in the lives of your friends and family. Your stomach cringes everytime you know you are supposed to say something to your friend who does the stupidest thing on a saturday night. Your soul painfully awakens when your family member is in the wrong, but you don’t want to come off overly critical or judgmental. I feel sorry for this group. In the end, you have no impact on those around you. In addition, you have to walk on eggshells 90% of the time. You never want to be labeled as the moral police. It is far too burdensome. It can be far too annoying as well. If you fall in this category, you are selfish. You are selfish because you don’t care about people fully. You care about preservation and not excellence. In fact, you hate your friends and family. You hate them because you are conceding to them that they are destined for failure. You are telling them that they should aim for mediocrity. You are indirectly applauding them in their second-class lifestyle. You don’t want what is best for them. In fact, you are the judgmental one because you cannot see who they really are in God. You have cast them in a certain light, and you have enabled them in their prison.

Bottom line: This world is morally suffocating. Righteousness is relative. There is a bunch of darkness all around us. What used to be moral 40 years ago is outdated now. Everyone does what they want, and nobody cares about consequences. You cannot always be morally sensitized and popular. You cannot always be cool as a cucumber. Sometimes being right is messy. Being right means being bold. Saying the right things means being humiliated. I’m 26. Some of you will read this and think I am a 65 year old white woman who voted Republican in the last 6 presidential elections. What happens when you find out that I am young and fresh – and still think the way I do?

So what is the balance? Is there a balance? How do you show unconditional love and not be judgmental? How do you challenge people without alienating them? How do you speak your mind without being arrogant? How do you become a prophet and a priest? How do you stay true to your moral convictions and associate with people who have zero boundaries? ———– All great questions, and no clear answers.

The only thing I know is this: The answer to these questions have less to do with methodologies, and more to do with the condition of your heart. When you are continuously invested in your friends’ best, they will know your heart. When you are always looking to build people up, you will know how to wordsmith your thoughts. When you do not have a heart of competition, but one of humility and justice, you will become a raging fire – this is the fire that makes people better. This is the fire that is pure. You are not judgmental if you hold yourself to the standards you want for others. You are not judging if your heart is not raising yourself above the other. You are not judgmental because you seek truth. To those of you who feel judged – it is probably because you are judging yourself. It is probably because there are things in you that deserve judgment – not from people – but from God. If you were not so insecure, then you would not struggle with always feeling judged. My heart is with you, but there is a time when you need to grow up -and grow up fast.

Endangered Species are ok with whatever label you want to put on them. They do not operate based on perception. They function based on calling and purpose. You may not know who the endangered species are around you – so keep your eyes wide shut.

Don’t judge. But don’t be insignificant either. Risk it all in love. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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