Endangered Species

Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Music, Pop
Released: Nov 02, 2010
©2010 JeevoDreams
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Endangered Opus

Verse 1:  Imagine if the world was never tainted by our choice/ and we listened to the light, always surrendered to His voice / Every human would love freely with no laws to regulate / Because laws are not required if well all just learned to wait / Picture perfect forests full of green pastures that are lush / With a canvas of the sky drawn with multi-colored brush / Children playing in the ocean with no fear of a disease / But the man bit into apples and the man became a beast / Now the trees and the forests are destroyed beyond  repair / All are scared and laws are needed because no one wants to share / This is the state of my inheritance of that which I inherit / The state of which I’ve caused as well, much to my demerit / I am the captain of this John Baptist arsenal and vessel / If the ship shall sink the captain shall go down below sea level / When I rise, I will be changed, reprogrammed, transformed /  Into a species full of calling, rare, endangered, and reborn

Verse 2:  Call the princes, call the paupers, the entire Cavalry / Aristocrats and bourgeoisie, all the children in the streets / Parliaments and presidents, residents and refugees / Disregarding propaganda, here’s my heavenly decree / We are a people not designed to blend in with the modern times / We set the trends, they follow us, our destiny is to shine / Infiltrated all your daily lives so we can show you light / We are the artists, and the doctors, social workers late at night / Oh the teachers, and the lawyers, and the garbage men as well / Engineered with humble greatness so the world could always tell /  Only mission is to do the work of whom which we’ve been sent / But we’re near extinction and are resources are almost spent / This is our night, this is our plight / This is the fight in which I write /  And my enemies are all piranhas waiting for a bite / With my work ethic and focus plus my leader to instruct / I shall end my call of duty, and thereafter self-destruct


Verse 1: Soldiers in the Cavalry we’re walking in the darkness, and we don’t have a clue when we will see (Will we see?) / The weather is uncertain and our enemies surround us, and we don’t have a clue if we will live (Will we live?) / We’re marching to a destiny that we don’t know exists, but the light that we follow says it does (So we go) / The prophecy upholds us but the evidence is grim, only fools would continue on this march (Only fools)

Chorus: We fall, but we rise, we smile, we fight on / We shall, not lose, we will, overcome / We will stand firm, not move, not lie / We shall speak truth, show love, breathe life

Verse 2: I’m waging an attack and I am not afraid to die, I said I am not afraid to die (No way) / Fear does not control us so the enemy will flee, follow me Endangered Species follow me (Follow me) / The pressure is unbearable our strength we can’t rely, can a God please come and rescue us (Rescue us) / You don’t know who you are until you are thrown in fire, make us sharp, train us into bright lasers


Verse 3:  Soldiers in the Cavalry I leave these words for you, one day I will not be here to march with you (Fight with you) / You are more equipped than I was ever for this work, so to you, all my love stays with you (With you) / You will all be stronger and more potent in your fight, your enemies will tremble at your feet (At your feet) / Continue to push righteousness in every way you can, never follow never follow any crowds (Any crowds) 

Spoonful of Sugar

Verse 1: False prophecy don’t follow me I know my own theology / Bunch of phony imbeciles, they’re living in hypocrisy / Brought in this world to break up the monotony  / I’m a hustler I play real life monopoly / Children in the streets, you thrown babies in the trash / Take the babies out the garbage, give them love that’ll last / You look to the world to get your own point of view / I look to my God and a very chosen few / My inner circle shrinks everyday that I breathe / And the world can’t wait till the day that I leave / Opposites attract, I think the opposites are fact / And if you opposite my calling I will opposite you back / Baby you can talk but your talk is cheap / You can’t climb my thoughts cuz my mind’s too steep / Sick with the pen, even better wordplay, only blow out my fire when it’s my birthday (like uh)

Chorus: I know my words are hard to chew, hope you don’t get, too confused / And even when it gets a little gray, I don’t mind at all it’ll be ok / The light switches on at different times, and even if it doesn’t just press rewind / Spoonful of Sugar, Spoonful of Sugar, makes the medicine go down, down, down, down

Verse 2:  East coast style with a West Coast swag / Heavy content in this brown colored bag / Got my goods from the world’s best manufacturer / Said I’de be his freshest, flyest ambassador / Flows so thorough, world’s so hollow / Reason my pills be hard to swallow / Temptations after me and they come non-stop / I won’t give them they time of day like a broken clock / When I tick-tick-toc and I rock n’ roll / Heaven’s best dressed worm on its fishing poll / I fish for your soul, I’m clear with my goals / Now you see in part, one day you’ll see the whole / Even if the words get you confused, know the harvest is plenty and the workers are few / So I work overtime and I put in more shifts / I triple His investments so He gives me more gifts


Verse 3:  The lion likes to whisper, if the people don’t listen know the lion’s going to have to roar / If the world can’t hear when the lion makes noise you know the lion’s going to roar some more / As a friend of the lion I’ve been chosen to announce that the lion is a bit disturbed / Cuz He’s been talking for so long, but nobody ever stopped to ever pick up a word / The Forest Ranger heard a bit, got too hard so he quit, didn’t even notify the birds / The Birds started singing in an off-key pitch so the songs started to burn / The fish heard the songs, started swimming all wrong, ended up in a foreign sea / Then the bears ate the fish that were swimming all wrong, now you get Endangered Species – ya dig?!

Drink It Up

Verse 1: Even on your best day, you don’t impress me / Make-up on your pretty face doesn’t make sadness erase / I feel your style girl, I’m drawn to your world / Your clothes fit oh so right, every man keeps you in sight / I think you’re lovely, you just don’t trust me / You don’t know what you are worth

Chorus: I like you baby but you drive me crazy / I don’t drink, but when I buy you a drink / You gonna drink, drink, drink it up / Shake, shake, shake it up / And then you throw, throw, throw it up / I don’t wanna see you live that way, I don’t wanna see you live that way, I don’t wanna see you live that way / No, no, no, no, no

Verse 2: It’s Saturday night, we gonna have a good time / You gonna get your friends and all, and I’m gonna give my friends a call / It’s so predictable, it’s all typical / Loud music in the club all night and the tough guys start to fight / You love to dance oh, but you love attention more / You don’t know what you are worth


Verse 3: Rap: Make way, make way it’s the classy men / Who walk in the club you’re like “where you’ll been” / Not to be rude girl, this ain’t our scene / We’re way to caught up with chasing dreams / And we don’t have time for your 2nd class lifestyle / Only like girls with big hearts and nice smiles / Already know you’re so annoyed and mad / Rolling your eyes cuz I’m acting like your dad / Well give me a bow tie and call me Ward Cleaver / And take it back when men knew how to treat her / Her being you, and you being a queen / Only find a king that’s worthy of your team / And tell Prince Charming to wait his turn, he ain’t sleeping with a beauty that he did not earn / And if the shoe don’t fit baby you can say “Pass!” / Take the glass slipper and shove it up his (Gluteus Maximus)


Won’t Say A Word (feat. Je’kob)

Chorus: I won’t say a word / I won’t say a thing / Feel it in the air I breathe / Oh you can feel it in the air I breath/ I know you’r confused; You keep wondering / What does the silence mean? / What does the silence mean?

Verse 1: 9 year old kid walks in the classroom, and his teacher wonders why he don’t eat at noon / He don’t have a lunch ticket, He don’t have a lunch pale / he don’t have a brown bag, he don’t have a warm meal / He just hides his face in a book that he reads / And prays to God his teacher doesn’t notice as she leaves / But the teacher notices and walks right down his aisle / Boy looks up to a patronizing smile / “Son you haven’t eaten in these first 2 weeks, and I’m worried that your parents don’t have food to eat / So I’m giving you this apple and I pray that you gonna eat it / But the apple has a worm and a serpent way beneath it / That is trying to kill your mother who is suffering from cancer / I know that you are fasting but I’m trying to kill her faster” / The boy doesn’t speak, He won’t say a word / He just clings to the songs that he heard ……


Verse 2: The boy’s all grown up, his mouth sowed up / And everyone gets mad cuz he’s all closed up / Cuz they don’t understand him so they’re always tryin to break him / But he’s wired with a focus that he knows cannot be taken / Superstar status now he’s flying on them jets / His enemies on dry ground casting all them bets / When will his plane crash? Soon, he will fall, CRACK! / When will his dreams dash? Heart Attack! Heart Attack! / Cardiac arrest before you arrest his dreams / Cardiac arrest recessitates his steam / And even when nobody wanna play on his team / He’ll fly solo to testify what he’s seen / They’ll ask for his thoughts, ask for him to comment / He won’t say a thing, just write a couple sonnets / And recite them to the birds who reside in the trees / Cuz the humans ain’t ready for the things that he sees


Verse 3: Girl loves the boy, boy loves the girl / Both fly in clouds in their own sweet world / And both know they’ve never found love like this before / So both do anything to love each other more / Girl has less that one year to live / Doctor says her heart has no beats to give / Boy does everything to research a cure / Boy knows nothing, just that his love is pure / A miracle, a miracle the wedding bells are ringing! / The bride is just so beautiful the boy’s heart is singing / An ambulance parks outside the wedding chapel / And the teacher from verse 1 appears with the same apple / Everything was great until they both shared their vows / Girl shares her heart, but the boy passes out / Medical team all rushes to the scene / And the girl can’t read all the lines in between / Cuz the boy knew the girl would never agree / To go through emergency heart surgery / So they could take his heart and put it in her / He had to die first so that she would concur / “Death do us part, darling please take my heart / Forgive me but I promised to love you from the start” / And this is why he never, ever, ever says a word / He just clings to the songs that he heard….


Hurry Up

Verse 1: Raindrops, falling on every dry crop / Maybe there’s a reason I cry / All my tears are water for the soil, oh, water for the soil / Angels flying everywhere but they’re not / Wearing halos, they’re wearing / All black robes and all black paint with a cheeky smile

Chorus: Where are all the people going (Where are all the people going) / Do they know I’m slowly dying (Do they see me always crying) / No one said the afterlife was full of pain and fire, fire / Where are all the pearly gates (Where are all the children playing) / Jesus Christ and His disciples (This is where I thought they’re staying) / I don’t even see my momma thought she’d be the first person I see, person I see

Verse 2:  Snowflakes, covering all the sunshine / But it’s not even winter / Frozen thoughts and frozen tears with a frostbit soul / They said, I would never be a failure / But they only saw the bright lights / My rainbow is seven black arches outlined in red


Extended Chorus: Hurry up, Hurry up (Doorman is closing up / Eye of the needle is already closed shut / I brought my camel and St. Peter said “No entry allowed, No entry allowed” / Stole the book of life and (Tried to write my name in) / But the pen I borrowed (Didn’t have the right ink ) / This world wasn’t home but I’de do anything to roam in again (Roam it again)

Instrumental Section

Verse 3: Raindrops falling on every dry crop / Maybe there’s a reason I cry / All my tears are water for the soil, oh, water for the soil / Fireflies dancing everywhere in the night sky / Writing my words as I cry / “Follow me not, oh save yourself, please save yourself”

Color Red (feat. Arunan)

Verse 1: 2 different colors, 2 different people / Ya’ll don’t match so you’ll never be equal / 2 lines make that equal sign, so it takes 1 line to subtract and divide / I love all people I can never racist / As long as my daughter does not disgrace us / And bring home that guy that we just don’t like / It’s not his race, it’s just his type / It’s just that we really don’t know his kind / I stumble on my words can I press rewind / I guess that’s what happens when I justify / There’s an “x” in my soul that I multiply / We sacrifice our whole life for her / For every guy she likes there’s one better / I never wanted to be this type of dad / But I know what’s best even though she’s sad

Pre Chorus: Only color now that you see is red (scratching)

Chorus: You say that you believe, in a love that’s free / But you stubbornly stand as a grain of sand against God’s destiny / The fire in your eyes, display a sea of lies / You’re the kind of man, I hope I’ll never be – I hope I’ll never be

Verse 2:  When immigrants pack their bags to move, they got nothing to lose but everything to prove / Never knew you’de raise your kids in a different place / Where the people talk funny and have different tastes / You do what you can to keep your own culture / Raise your daughter well so you could trust her / She plays with kids of very different colors / And you even bake cakes for their fathers and mothers / Invite them for meals, spend time at your house / Everything was great until your daughter chose a spouse / The colored boy that she used to play with / She screams at you and calls you Racist / You tell her one day she’ll regret her choice / She lost all the joy that she had in her voice / It’s funny to this day you don’t understand / You didn’t fail as a father, you failed as a man


Verse 3:  Two star-cross lovers, reside up above us / Only in the heavens and the sky where the sun is / The clouds when it rains, tears of her pain / Because of you she will never love a gain / Her kaleidoscope was a ray of hope / Of colors that formed one big tightrope / On which you walked on and fell to a side / Your culture is an idol can you spell suicide? / Your daughter is gone, your daughter is dead / The only color now that you see is red / But it’s not suicide when you gave her the knife in the form of your racist and prejudice strife / You protect your color, you worship your color / But in the end you killed with your own color / Two star-crossed lovers , reside up above us / Only in the heavens and the sky where sun is

The only color now that you see is red (Repeat 4 times)

The Envelope Part II

Verse 1:  One thing’s for sure don’t compare me to no one / Got my own swing and I’m about to hit a home run / Haters don’t like cuz they ain’t having no fun / Killing this game and I ain’t bring no guns / Yea, And I heard I was a fugitive / Running from you bullets cuz you really don’t want me to live / All these accusations like my damagers were punitive / Never came to take from this game, only came to give / Man, so I’m going to mind my own business / Never cheat on songs because music is my mistress / Even if the words really speak to your soul / I’m going to have to retreat back to my hole / Back to my cave yea I train in the dark / Seems like your bite ain’t as big as your bark / I’m the soap in the filth, music’s best shampoo / Head and shoulders above competition please move

Chorus:  I push the envelope, I push the envelope / Nobody got the message cuz they killed the mailman / I push the envelope, I push the envelope / The message didn’t go they raised the price of the stamps (repeat twice)

Mailman why did you let it slip out your hands / Angels did you pick it up by chance? / If you did make sure the Devil doesn’t get a glance

Verse 2: When the light switches off my thoughts turn on / No stimuli needed I’m my own turn on / Never been the type to look to someone else / If I need inspiration I find it myself / Trained in the darkness with the martyrs / Fought in a world full of people that are heartless / Runaway fathers, look what they taught us / Rich get richer and the poor get paupers / Yea, I take off from the free throw / Thank God everyday I never had a free throw / Cuz when you get guarded from the post to the paint / You learn to be focused, you never grow faint / I’m the dealer of this rap game roll your dice / One on One I can see your snake’s eyes / Three straight 6’s for each of your sins / And when you play me, the house always wins


Verse 3: I’m more leave it Beaver than CSI / Read books rather than go to fiestas / More ice cream and cake than a Hennessey shot / Everything you are is everything I’m not / Won’t stare at your girl when she walks by / Cuz honestly I think I’m more fly / More Cosby Sthan Grey’s Anatomy / Cuz your Desperate Housewife can’t seduce me / And I feel like I belong on another planet / Might scream a couple times like Michael and Janet / Follow all the trends? No I follow where they end / And you gonna thank me for the style that I lend / More Regina Spektor than a Lady Gaga / Check my tags I was made in Sri Lanka / Rebel with a cause or a rebel just because / I don’t even know what’s better, the hate or applause


Broken Record

Verse 1: I feel sorry for my friends when they talk to me / Cuz I say the same things like I’m echoing / I never steer far and have not changed / A fresh point of view but a tad bit strange / They come to me looking for brand new advice / But what’s brand new is that I’ve said it twice / I’ve said before and I’ll say it again / Reiterate my thoughts until they all set in / They don’t live by words that I’ve said in the past / So the best I can do is slow down and re-hash  / Last week’s assignment and last week’s test / In my classroom I only deal with the best / You only graduate if you prove yourself / If you don’t like that go somewhere else / I won’t stoop down to your level, come up to mind / I’m a broken record dogg please press rewind

Chorus: My thoughts they sound like a broken record (Yeah, I always say the same thing, uh huh, I always say the same thing) – Repeat

Verse 2:  Dear God, I only really want one thing / Not two things God, just that one thing / And I will do anything to get that thing / I want it so bad God, I’ll rap and sing / And I know you want to give that thing to me / But you want me to want it even more badly / So I throw away the key and I gave you the cuffs / I’m a fire now and you say it’s not enough / I got to want it so bad that I would die / Taking off baggage so I can fly / The baggage is competition to that thing / So I must let it go even if it stings / Now my heart’s fully after just that thing / I fully understand all the joy it brings / Desire in the ends is all you have / When the thing dies off it’s desire that lasts

Chorus: My thoughts they sound like a broken record (Yeah, I always pray the same thing, uh huh, I always pray the same thing) – Repeat

Verse 3:  Everybody acts so nonchalant / Nobody really knows what they want / This generation suffers from a lack of desire / One day they want it all, next day they grow tired / The whole world tells you to want something new / So you give up your dreams and you get more confused / Pretty soon you don’t know who you are / Accepted average turned down superstar / This is Jeevo, don’t you ever forget / Bring life to this game dogg, grant your respect / I don’t even listen to rap but I accept / That you’ll love rap so I know it’s affect / My thoughts so cold so my flow so sick / And no one trumps my work ethic / How do you think I drop one album a year? / I do more in six months than your whole career


Verse 1: I think she’s the one I’ve been waiting all my life / The one to call my wife, my wife / I know that smile I’ve seen it in my dreams / One day we’ll be a team, a team / I feel so weak, butterflies all inside / I’ve fallen so hard, I’m falling, I’m falling

Chorus: Girl you are my secret / And I won’t say a word until it’s time, no, oh / There are things I’m dying to tell you, just can’t now / I love you but only on my own, for now

Verse 2: They think I’m foolish for not expressing love / But I know timing’s from above, above / I won’t push love until the wind directs my sail / The right one at the wrong time will fail, will fail / Our eyes do the talking so I will not say a word / My soul jumps for joy, oh I’ll sing, oh I’ll sing


Verse 3: You’re worth it darling, I want to get this right / If it takes forever, I will wait, I’ll stay / I love you baby so what’s a few years / We’ll both run alone to find each other at the end / I pray for you each and every single day / One day I’ll say it all, I’ll tell you everything


I’m Ok (feat. Je’kob)

Verse 1: I could never ever be the best one / To walk out my calling, I’d just run / Away from the challenges and pressure / If I was God, I’de pick better / I’d choose the one more suited for the lifestyle / An extroverted bloke with a nice smile / Someone who fancied all the bright lights / And took gorgeous girls through the night life / A monster of a talent that blows the crowd away / Adored by the press cuz he knows what to say / Instead he chose the chubby kid off the bench / Using me is like throwing in a wrench / He made His job tougher when He picked me / Cuz I’m on the side where you can’t see / My camera’s out of film and limo’s out of gas / Red carpet’s all stained and I came in last – Jek

Chorus: I’m standing, right where I’m supposed to be / I’m Ok, I’m Ok, I’m Ok (Repeat)

Verse 2:  Walked a mile in my shoes, my soul’s worn out / Can’t buy a better soul they said it’s sold out / Not S-O-L-E, it’s S-O-U-L / But when you’re in the war, sometimes you can’t tell / That’s how my metaphors burn through a pen, set fire to a page like words from a sage / Indirect cause of the burning of leaves since the page that I write is from barks on a tree / I shall enter into the fiery forest / Burn with the trees and the elements around us / May He increase as I decrease / When I’m in war may He say peace / Peace, peace may I rest in peace / Along with the other Endangered Species / The joy that I feel cannot be put in words so I might as well stop / Now bring it back uh


Verse 3: Only God is great, Only God is great / And everyone else will always be second rate / Lost a lot of friends since my first album / But I keep their photos in my best album / I cheer for them loud, I love them I’m proud / I’m just not there when they look in the crowd / Why I gotta love from a distance / Because distance activates His nearness / Not to say His nearness depends on me / But too many people depend on me / There’s a time to be bright and shine like star / And a time to be dim, estranged and afar / You gotta know when to turn it on and off / Cuz if you outdo your purpose you will off’ed / Only God is great, only God is great / And let all men fail, only God is great, ya dig?


Till The Day I Die

Verse 1: Fear not, cry not cuz I have not died / My well is full of water so I will not dry / No weed over here on a natural high / Commitment to truth so I do not lie / Never fit in so I will not try / Placed in the fire but I will not fry / Life gave me some apples so I mae a pie / And if the pie burns we’ll be alright / I seem to have a God that will clean up the mess / And I seem to have a mind that’s a cut above the rest / Rest, rest but I will not rest / Until I hit the mark as the all time best / In every category that you can conceive / Then I’ll break categories, best believe / I only do things when my Spirit is free / And the outcome’s best when I cannot see

Chorus: Oh you gotta believe / Cuz these folks can’t shake it, I’ll take it, I’ll make it  (Pardon my energy) / Oh, it’s time to conceive / It’s more than positive thinking, stop blinking  (Open your eyes and see world) / I know it’s coming for me / I know it’s coming for me / But see you cannot believe / The swagger I’m bringing, I’m singing, I’m clinging on / Till the Day that I die Love

Verse 2: Want real music I thought I showed it / My mirror is my best opponent / Compete with myself on every song / If I played against you’ll , then I’ve already won / I don’t really care anymore, I’m basic / I hate fame even before I taste it / All this wack art makes me abrasive / Makes me feel like this talent is wasted / But I grow to my amazement / And God has found no real replacement / So I keep going like an energizer / Use this training to get wiser / Endangered Species, a prized fighter / Trade me the liquor for a glass of cider / Anorexic model for a girl that’s wider / And in God’s timing I just might wife her


Verse 3: The words have a way of finding an ear / The beach has way of building a pier / And when the pier breaks and the wave catches me / I will test if faith is a fallacy / And if my faith can’t walk on water / Then why must I even bother / Should the tithes pull me below surface / Even there I will drown in much purpose / I will sing my songs for the fish in the sea / Now I know why I’m a Pisces / Then a young boy which catch one fish / And the fish will sing my songs in his dish / Then the boy sings my songs for his friends / And his friends write my words in the world’s bulletins / That’s how my words would get across / Even lost in sea, I’ll cling to a cross


Hello Eternity

Verse 1: I imagine these are the chords they play, when I enter into those gates / And I hear a voice that says welcome son, you no longer need your faith / And you ain’t gotta run, and you ain’t gotta fight no more / And tears don’t exist so you smile some more / Leave your baggage and your worry all at the door / All fear is gone, so you’ll always soar / Let the angels escort you to your residence / Somebody’s waiting there with a bunch of presents / Your mother of course see her beautiful face / She’s always staring at you all over the place / Go, go don’t keep her waiting / And wave back to the people waving / You don’t know them now but you will very soon / Endangered Species that came before you / They set the groundwork and paved the way / Welcome child to your real family / They saw you grow up and they cheered for you / And they always knew that you heart was true

Chorus: Hello Eternity, I know it’s not my time yet / But one day I’ll be back for good / Hello Forever, I know we’ll be together / But I’ve still got some work to do

Verse 2: Martin Luther King Jr., William Wilberforce / Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa of course / And a bunch of unknowns that I thought never lived / The undercover ones had the most live to give / How did you’ll do it, how did you’ll do it? / They said “son, the same way you gonna do it” / Number one thing is to always love Him / Trust Him and give everything to Him / When He asks something that you just can’t do / Do it anyway because He trains you / He knows your heart and He knows what’s best / A bunch of little no’s for one big yes / Yes indeed its worth it its worth it / Look at us now we died in service / Is it really that’s simple? / It’s really that simple / This way your fire will always be kindled / Trade in your freedom for a better freedom / This way everything you do will need Him / Son you will shine, Son you’re a star / Endangered Family guides form afar


Verse 3:  Mr. Alpha Omega, Emmanuel / El Shaddai I’m not dead I can tell / I know why you brought me here oh I get it / But I don’t wanna go back now oh I’ll dread it / All I wanna do is stay here with you / But I know now that my work is not through / You brought me back to execute your plan / But you know very well I am only one man / So the break in this journey comes at the right time / Just before I lost my whole mind / Now I’m re-sharpened my blade’s a razor / Send me back down just like a laser / No distractions and No plan B’s / Only tunnel vision when I fly above trees / No looking at the past cuz the past is done / I’m walking away, actually I’ll run / This whole time you ain’t even said a thing / All you did was fix my broken wing / Me and you that’s the end of this movie / Endangered Species: Reporting back to duty…….Earth


Listen (Oceans)

Verse 1: When you try, but you try all in vain / When your smile can’t disguise all your pain

Chorus: Why don’t you listen / To the sound of drums that are beating for, beating for your way / Why don’t you listen / To the only voice that matters and never runs away

Verse 2: When you fall and you just can’t believe / When you’re tired and it hurts just to breathe


Extended Chorus:  Why don’t you listen / To the shouts of children screaming and cheering for your chance / Why don’t you listen / To the only One who fully loves and has you in His hands

I’m walking on water, I am walking on water (Repeat)

My Ocean’s only 4 feet tall / And I am 7 feet above the ground / Which means that I will never drown / I dare the storms to come and get me / I dare the storms to come and get me (Repeat)

Walking on water, I am walking on water (Repeat)

Why don’t you listen / To the sound of drums that are beating for, beating for way / Why don’t you listen / To the only voice that matters and never runs away