God over Everything (G.O.E.)

If you had no community – left on a deserted island with no support, no prayer meetings, no human interaction – will you be spiritually solid? If you did not have any mentors, people investing in you, peers to run things by, etc – will you be able to make your own decisions?

If we were all completely honest with ourselves, we use each other as little pieces of God. This may not be all bad, but it probably leans more on bad than good. Most religious people can live without God, but can’t live without their religion. Religion offers some perks – it can offer a society of people that use each other for God, instead of leading people directly to their Maker. How bad do you want God versus representations for God. In our realest times, we can sometimes feel like we want the feeling that God is there rather than God to be there. This is what makes chasing miracles and living in extreme doubt so difficult.

How many of you can truly disagree with your priests, pastors, mentors, rabbis, gurus, and teachers? How many of you can hear from God to the point where what others have to say or pray over you have very little weight compared to what you get yourself? We’ve got too much desire to feel resolved by human beings rather than the Almighty. This is why our deepest fears and emotions are never quite satiated. Extreme times call for Extreme hearing – you have to not be happy with confirmations, safety, emotional cell groups, small groups, nice little prayer meetings, and outings. If you are, you will never experience the Lion. You will never feel the tremble of a beastly word. You will never interact with the thunder and lightening that is full of love and specificity – just for you.

It is an odd thing that my call as a musician is almost like an interpreter for the rest of the world – I have to hear from God to deliver to all of you – except I completely hate human interruption when God is speaking – yet I find myself as the one interrupting between you and God! What in the hell am I doing? This is why musicians can’t think too much when creating – you have to be 100% yourself, and trust that by being true, you will help others.

I want God. I want God Himself. I don’t want you. I don’t want interruptions or distractions. Many of you want God also – but you may not want God Himself. You may want God plus the other things that make you feel good. I promise you that these things will not sustain you. The best decisions you make in this life will be opposed by those closest to you – how’s that for comfort? You have to be on your own spiritual, deserted island. You have to go out to the jungle and find the lion – you can’t find the lion with a group full of people. The lion won’t show up – the lion wants you alone.

Who are you Oh God – no religion – just you – who are you?

God over Everything.
Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo

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  1. Lmarcos

    >that is some deep conviction..one we all need much more of. thank you!

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