Every month or so, I write songs for other artists. I have certain deals with certain artists – Some of them want “Ghostwriters.” – That means you don’t get credit for the songs you write for them – they take the credit. It is very common in the music business.

These songs are super catchy. When I write songs for others, my policy is that I will never write content that I don’t agree with – but I will compromise what Jeevo would write for the sake of the artist I am writing for. In other words, I don’t say things that I would say on a record – I write it according to their desires, their point of view perhaps, and their genre – as long as it doesn’t go against anything I believe.

As I write these songs, my mind flies in 100 directions. I realize that if I was the one performing these songs, I could get more attention much faster. The catchiness factor draws me in. I become Justin Timberlake, Usher, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and the list goes on. I have the power to write what can have mass appeal. I have the ability to dumb down my lyrics to “make it big.” I have the lyrical prowess to compete with the popular music industry, and I know enough about popular music to write like them.

Wake up Jeevo.

But 45 minutes before the world sees the debut of my 1st single “Spoonful of Sugar,” I am more clear than ever. What I have in the industry is exactly what I am supposed to have. I am Jeevo. I am my own genre. I am my own lane. I have my own space. The hill I have to climb may be steeper than other popular artists, but its zenith will be higher than the rest. The climax of my career will be later – but the mountain is well worth the hike. Today, I am not tempted. I am not tempted to be an artist that is more in line with the world. The Christians won’t accept me in their genre, and the world won’t accept me in theirs. I am the bastard child of Creativity. No one will claim me as their own. So I will continue to be the musical orphan in a land of the same.

“Brought in this world to break up the monotony.” – Spoonful of Sugar.

This one is for the fans – Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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