The Anatomy of a Tear

People cry for multiple reasons – loneliness, sadness, grief, depression, joy, sorrow, or even conviction. Tears can by symbolic. Tears can be allergic 🙂 Tears can be healing. They can even be refreshing. A foreign tear – one that comes every so often – is the tear of anxiety. Anxious tears are tough – they neither comfort or alleviate. They are tears that don’t get wiped away – they sort of sit on your face and dry themselves up – you know those tears? The ones you can’t actively wipe off – you just sit in them until they turn into salt on your cheeks.

Anxious tears mean that you are trying to race the clock – and you are emotionally and spiritually (sometimes physically) so exhausted that you haven’t the slightest clue how to solve your problem. These rainy eyed days and seasons can feel like mental and emotional prisons. Tears of anxiety involve not feeling understood – or sometimes not feeling taken seriously enough for whatever reason.

When you are going through teary-eyed anxiety, you should never allow people into precious places of your soul. Your soul must remain silent and still – people allowed in will rattle you. Thoughts and opinions will only distract you – you must stay silent and solid. It is very easy to give into human constructions at this point – “Maybe you should do this” or “Maybe you should not do that.” The idea of keeping your precious inner sanctuary private, is one that most people overlook – this can lead to death.

Raindrops, falling on every dry crop / Maybe there’s a reason I cry / All my tears are water for the soil, oh, water for the soil

-Jeevo (Hurry Up – from the “Endangered Species” Album)

If the opening line of ‘Hurry Up’ has some nuggets of truth, then we can believe that our tears do not drop in vain. The fall season is here – my personal favorite season of the entire year. It is the time for a new harvest, and a new crop. It is the season of color, and pumpkins. Pumpkin everything – pancakes, pie, tea, curry, and even custard! The Autumn months mean more to me than any other – It is a time of renewed vision, renewed striving, and renewed heart. If my tears of anxiety can provide the nourishment to the soil that will spark my new beginning, then bring on the tears – and if more water is necessary – then may crying be my laughter.

Here’s to your tears – the ones that fall on your land – so that your land will be richly blessed. Laughter and crying are the best medicines.

Peace and much love to you – Jeevo

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