>Trendy Christian Music

>I used to have a love/hate relationship with contemporary Christian worship songs – more hate. I was never sure how to feel about them, or what to think. Perhaps God will resolve this in me later down the line! For the non-churched brothers and sisters reading this, these songs are the ones that huge churches sing that are kind of cool because there are trendy guitar solos and things that are meant to lure you in. Some of the songs sound like bad Coldplay imitations. My church (Vision Christian Fellowship) has taught me so much about worship music through the training I have received in everything else but music – ironic isn’t it? When you invite the spirit of God in any setting, it doesn’t really matter what is going on musically. Don’t get me wrong – we are to give our absolute best with what we have – but this is overshadowed by the presence of the Most High.

Music is my language obviously, but I never understood God through music in the American context. During worship sets, I remember staring off into open space wondering what in the world we were doing. I saw people raising their hands, with an expression on their face like they had to use the bathroom. I wondered why the same passionate worshippers were so cold outside of this one musical context. I couldn’t reconcile their “on fire” singing, with their mediocre lifestyles. So as all snobby 20 year olds would do, I laughed it off. To this day, I continue to have conversations with very few worship leaders that I respect – one being Mr. Michael Eubanks. Michael understands worship music in a way that the world should follow – Christian and non-Christian. He has a way of pulling out the word of God and musically presenting it to others – quite fascinating actually, and something I find very difficult to do.

In my search to find Christian music that quenches my soul, I seem to come to no answers. This is why my Ginny Owens cd’s play all the time in my car – she is all I can listen to. In the end, music is like a portal – it opens up something for God to do what He does. Music grabs people when they’re not looking. It is a passageway. God never needs it though – He sort of chooses when He wants to use it. This is why we have to be really sensitive as musicians – there are absolutely times when we shouldn’t be singing; or shouldn’t be playing music – there comes a time when music does not suffice – Contemporary Christian musicians have a problem with this.

Five years ago, I would’ve played this song and felt a bit nauseated. Today, I can fully receive what is happening for the most part. That itself is a miracle! If I can listen to worship music in a western context, God can do anything for you too!! This is beautiful – just wait for it – especially at 2:40..wow. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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