Wasn’t Supposed to Be This Way

Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Music, Pop
Released: Jan 01, 2008
©2008 JeevoDreams
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Mr. John Baptist Intro

Verse 1: It was predetermined that civil war could never take my life / That cancer would take my daddy’s wife / It was written in the stars that my dynasty’s beginning would only come to being after my momma’s ending / so I got a spirit of a champ that refuses defeat / And a swagger in my stance that makes it complete / So the story that I spit from my soul is an accurate depiction for the cats who don’t know / That when you live your life where the odds are against / You live to tell the world that your mind’s heaven bent / and you don’t’ think the way that these other guppies think / So when you make a move only God gets the wink / Now I got an itch in the depths of my throat / To tell the whole world what most people won’t / Every rapper claims to always keep it real / But being real ain’t just sayin’ what you feel / Think about it!

You’ll don’t know me / You’ll can hate me / You’ll can doubt me / You’ll can love me / You’ll can cheer me / You’ll can see me / You’ll can wish my demise
But irrespective of the ways that you feel about me / I bring the music to the places where they said it couldn’t be
Mr. John Baptist report to the floor / The world needs you now more and more
Mr. John Baptist report to the floor / They said the odds are against me so I settled the score

Verse 2: The slave ship just docked it’s about to take prisoners / No gender bias takes souls both his and hers / Cabin gets filled so the ship moves on / The ship’s course set just before you were born / Now the slave drivers grab you cuff you on the main deck / Once you’re bound to an owner you grant them your respect / Now the whole world watches as they own you until death / Deep breaths little homey deep breaths
It ain’t bad to be a slave if you got the right owner / who treats you rather well drops truth like sojourna / but we only see all obedience as weakness / And place all authority far down beneath us / You guaranteed to be a slave in this world of sorts / But finding owners is where the choice is all yours / So before you take a bullet for your master in the chest / Make sure he would do the same or wear a bullet proof vest


Verse 3: The snake’s in the grass but the grass ain’t green / So a snake can’t bite if the snake is seen / what I’m doing in this game ain’t killin off the snakes / I’m coloring the grass to show the snake’s is fake / So everytime I sit with a pen and a pad / I pray to God for any ounce of wisdom that He has / I feel like a boy in a den with these lions / A peasant with a pen in a room full of giants / Bullets aimed at me but it’s all in God’s hands / Before the bullets spray me they become boomerangs / Aimed back at the suspect suspecting me / Mad my status still reads Sri Lankan refugee / At 23 I’m charged with responsibility / Cuz I represent the plight of a third world country / If you ever wonder why my own should I pat / I got the memory of my mother and an island on my back …Holla back!

The Envelope

Verse 1: Before me there were many, after me there will be plenty / Please what you thought I was gonna’ come more heavy? / Talking like I’m the best rapper alive / that I’ve been sick with the flow since the age of 5 / Well I keep it real I never came to be the best / But my swagger speaks loud when I’m put to the test / Got a chip on my shoulder that’s bound to get bigger / Plus I serve a higher being that said I’de be a winner so / I walk with confidence yup I walk with confidence / And plead the music industry to take the same walk with us / Disregard applauses cuz they all sound the same / Plus you can’t rely on human beings to carve out your name nope / I’m not the chosen one no blueprint to greatness / but I’m nice when I speak about the man who is blameless / Tired of you phony rappers makin’ no sense / So I speak like a flame that was heavenly sent /

Chorus: I push the envelope I push the envelope / No postage required cuz the boy’s first class / I push the envelope I push the envelope / Don’t lose the message in delivery cuz that would be the death of me (repeat 2x’s)

Verse 2: Picket signs from the church picket signs from the world / I pick at signs that I find in the holy word / Full of opposition coming from opposing directions / as if they stole my first place and gave me honorable mention / but I ain’t tryin to live this life to live it and die / If my father gave me wings I’m bout to wear em and fly / Crossed over form the church back into the world / It’s funny I thought the church was most needed in the world / but apparently the people wanna’ give you a label and put you on a table with the caption ‘he was unable’ / in 84’ my momma loved me right out of her womb / but 9 years later had to see my momma into a tomb / so I feel like an orphan but quite often God loves orphans / So I speak as if what I say is of absolute importance / if the hustlers hate my music and the pastor says I’m nothing / I guess I did my job they finally agree on something , YUP!

Verse 3: Put me in a box I’ll smash the 4 corners / Only ask for the ball when it comes to the fourth quarters / And I ain’t tryin to be another Christopher Wallace But when you’re flawless and a novice / Somebody’s bound to want us / And even if the people screamin, yellin’ for truth / I’ll let the man above take their hearts and give em’ they’re proof / I’m not the one that they were looking for there’s somebody better / I just push the envelope and write a really nice letter whoa!

Song wrote Me

Verse 1: What if my life was so demanding, Where the pressure would always tear at me within / What if the stars would never align, and my dreams became the dust of the night / I see that we are but mere humans, and alone we are but aimless creatures / but I know that aimless as we may be, there’s someone who lights a fire in us

Pre Chorus: It’s time I silence all human words, but they don’t have a clue oh they don’t have a clue / This road will find it’s own way home, so where do I go and what do I do , and what about what about

Chorus: I didn’t write this song, this song wrote me / I didn’t find His grace, His grace found me / Take His hand and walk if you can’t see / The water’s only still when it’s deep beneath …(deep beneath)

Verse 2: The rain is falling on my rooftop, and the thunder shakes the peace that lies within / Do you believe in suffering now, for the sake of something better to come / Confidence will you be my best friend, oh my fears I now bid you farewell / I see my casket underground now, but my soul it’s flying into the clouds

Pre Chorus / Chorus

Rap: I Kobe Bryant the ball, Barry Bonds the bat / Free man like Morgan in the opening act / Sean Carter the mike, Shakespeare the pen / Magic Johnson the pass, back to Kobe to win! / Architect of the arsenal gets stronger with time / Fought tigers in the woods but I came through fine / The field is holy Evander let the enemy rumble / Warren Sapp the fumble , John Baptist the jungle!
Chorus with rap lines
Ain’t nobody really writes God always writes for em’ / Music drops from the sky like a sound outpourin’ / I don’t walk by sight so I run by faith / When the road curves I still walk through straight!

Look Away

Verse 1: If you need a diamond ring to make you feel something special look away, darling look away / If you need some time to know what you really want look away, darling look away / If you’re tryin to find love but you only want affection look away, baby look away / I got plans for my future but you’re dragging me behind so look away, darling look away

Pre Chorus: cuz I’ve had enough and I need something in return my lady / your games must cease look away far away and please don’t stay

Chorus: I don’t like playin around with love / If you’re a trial and error girl then look away / oh I’m not less of risk-taker it’s just that I like to take love slow / If you wanna’ come now and talk to me / You better get your mind right or look away / find yourself before you find someone darling I’ll just be praying for you

Verse 2: oh I heard through the grapevine that you found someone else good for you, darling good for you / but I heard that he was average and that got me really pissed cuz I’m a 10 and he’s about a 3 ..he’s a 3 / Now how could you go from a benz and take a ride in a sedan and think you’ll be happy as can be / Oh I wrote this song so one day you can hear my lovely voice in your sedan on the radio

Pre Chorus / Chorus

Verse 3: The more I blame you girl oh the more I blame myself it’s the truth, darling it’s the truth / Why do we think that by casting our anger on someone else it makes us right, it never makes us right / I spend my days daydreaming of the things that we could be what shame , baby what a shame / Now that we’re no longer talking I can kindly ask you friend to look away, darling look away

Pre Chorus / Chorus

Hold My Hand (feat. James Paek)

Verse 1: The bathroom mirror looks at me and tells me all the things I’m not / It tells me I was meant for shame it tells me that I’m not enough / My hair is thinning, wrinkles showing / Wipe my head and dandruff snowing / Waste is huge my glasses thick / oh I think I’m getting sick / must be from the twinkie that I purchases from the corner store / How I love the cream filling since I was just the age of 4 / Though I’m 36 now I still live up in my momma’s house / I love to play Parcheesee with Stewart / He’s my best pet mouse (come back stewart!)

Chorus: The world needs people who give a damn / And I need someone to hold my hand / It ain’t that safe, to be myself / Maybe I’ll stay up on the shelf

Verse 2: Excuse me madam you’re looking blue / come now tell me how are you? / Oh my God speak some English / Do I look like I speak British / Hey you blondie, shut your mouth / Buy something or just get out / Oh my God you disgust me / who let you in this great country? / Look here woman show some class / Or shove your green card up your (rough) / I hate to interrupt, please excuse me / May I please purchase a twinkie? / Another twinkie you will pop / Please put my receipt on top / Oh my god I hate this place / Oh you Americans such a disgrace

Verse 3: Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls / the circus is here we call it our world / where people are killing and children and dying / but it does not matter if we are not dying / close the borders of this country / different colors are approaching/ make sure there kids keep aborting / they compete with our job postings / give the black man real estate but make sure it’s in Inglewood / Give the Mexican a raise for 50 cents understood? / Give Sri Lankans their own airlines so they hi-jack their own planes / tell the Chinese man that I do not understand / plus they all look the same! Whoa!


Bridge: I will not falter, or worry anymore / You will embrace me, for the things, you abhor



Verse 1: I’ve been looking for a mirror a reflection that is real / Cuz I show the best of me but the worst has been concealed / Oh I know that people see, what they choose to see / this life comes with a cost but what I need is free

Bridge: Oh I stepped into a man’s world / but proved I’m still a boy / but one thing that I know for sure / is I’m gon’ be alright!

Chorus: I’ve seen Hollywood but I ain’t that impressed / Make up don’t make up for all your ugliness / Farewell Hollywood I say goodbye before we met / Self worth don’t cost a thing so give me my respect / oh child you’re still a child / but when the time is right my friend young boys will become men

Verse 2: Money changes everything and fame is like a drug / used to care for everyone now I buy my way to love / your conscience drowns out by the heartbeat of the world / wisdom was my best friend now I threw away my pearl

Bridge / Chorus

Rap: They call me Jeevo, Voice of the people / took the hard foul but made em’ up at the free throw / I’m from an island so I claim to borough / Lyrics complex but the meaning more thorough / the wrong dude if you wanna’ see the neck glow / listen closely if you wanna’ hear a sick flow / I’m psycho, oops that’s a typo / delete the p and o and you’ll read I got a sick flow / A maestro? Well if you say so / Hustled USA with a pocket full of paysos / but pay slow cut the tempo / don’t use your brain in the places where your heart go / won’t call you bad cuz that’de be hypo / critical cuz on my own I’m a zero / it’s crystal clear through the window / And when a door blocks God makes another peephole!

What’s the Use

Verse 1: Darlin I don’t know if we were meant to be / If love is war I’m your first casualty / we can’t trust emotion just quite yet / Cuz the feelings’s so brand new / Oh the world keeps spinning in real time / but you and I are stuck in a world that’s mine / And I keep stumbling on all my words / When I think of you

Chorus: Don’t you know that you will always be the one / I run to when the world chases me / trusting you is only natural this way / My beautiful escape My only default / Oh an angel lost her wings to roam this earth / Just to fall in love with my imperfect core / what’s the use in trying to save the whole wide world / if you can’t fall in love with the girl next door

Bridge: There’s something in the way that she was brought to me / that makes me silence all my doubts within / Oh the world will always teach us that there’s more than one / but the world never did that much good for me

Verse 2; Lately you’ve been questioning my love for you / But love does not always end in I do / I know it’s selfish when I can’t commit / but please say ‘I do” / Maybe I don’t place much emphasis on you / or have the time to spend an hour or 2 / Honestly I’m not made for relationships / Darling don’t love me less


Love Song

Verse 1: I know where you like to hide / And I see you when you cry / After all that we’ve been through, you still refuse to trust /

Chorus: Seek my face, and know that I’m the one / who loves you till’ the end / When Life goes wrong that is no excuse / To love me any less
Verse 2: You ask me for the strengths / But I’de rather keep you weak / why yearn for what’s not yours / I’m closer to the meak / You battle with free will / But my will I freely give


Verse 3: Last night you saw the moon / I was smiling back at you / You thought of those that passed / Up here they watch for you / When you find it hard to breathe/ I’ll give you songs to sing / Regardless of your past / For you I’de die again

Extended Chorus:

Seek my face, and know that I’m the one / who loves you till’ the end / when life goes wrong, that is no excuse / to love me any less / Crush my bones, and use me for my love / Some things cannot run out / I’ll rescue you, and hide you in my arms / For you this song I sing

Bach from the Grave

Verse 1

The city cemetery, had no one to bury / Cuz a miracle occurred at around 7:30/ Impossible the boy stared death the in the front / Turned his home run stance into a little bunt / But we just a runt, and he would pull this stunt / To prove to his homies that he was number one / What he would do for fun / Wait until the disappearance of the sun / Fear would slowly come but the job would still get done / Obituary had no name in sight / Plus he hated all black so his momma wore white / Gang members spot him but his friends don’t even warn him / So the blood from his chest springs out like a fountain / Trust me when I tell you that the bullets aimed like bow and arrow/ Eyes were never on a sparrow / Chance to live was narrow, Destiny for death like Pharaoh / This is how the story goes, poetry also in prose / Biblical not blasphemous / Miracle what happened was / The hood’s first Lazarus


I see you wanna / live life on a / ride bikes on a road that leads to danger / with strangers / but this road will swallow you

What happens when / God wants to send / Couple friends in the form of his best angels / To save you / It’s your last chance at life

Verse 2

A funeral procession, already in some mention / Suspects in confession / Autopsy taken while his friends cry shaken / Heartbeats racing while the dead body’s wastin / Something in the air was still / Something make the room fill / Lights flicker , nurses gasp / hands clasp, God perhaps / They don’t ask , they just pass / Glances at each other fast / Praying like them Jesus Hands, Wondering if he breathed his last/ Eulogy in mama’s mind, thoughts of him make her rewind / Bible reading line by line / Comforted by the divine / Hallmark card says she’ll be fine / Flowers help her ease her mind / Helps her put her thoughts behind but something soon crawls up her spine….

Right then the boy straight rises from the bed / Smiling like he played dead / His mamma crying as he said/ “Heavens gates they did not open / Because God said I was chosen / So he brought me from the grave to walk his plan for us in motion”



Verse 3

They say sleep is the cousin, step-brother of death / Cuz we sleep on our life with little time left / And the pep in our step dies with each breath / What’s the point in living life if you’re already dead / The light recessitates you back from the grave / And you can’t live your life like modern-day slaves / The martyrdom is hard for them/ Your arrogance starts softening / I’m pondering a cherubim that comes for men in times of sin / Like oxygen from broken wings when heaven’s gates starts opening!

Johnny’s Interlude

Verse 1: Blueberry muffins with butter on the side, a splash of orange juice / The sounds of the birds oh they write my songs, and I just steal their tune / The laughter of the kids how they ask for you, can Johnny come out to play? / Well Johnny left home 3 months ago, with a suitcase full of shame

Chorus: Come back home, come back home, please come back home / the tears are old / the fears are cold / I love you so / Come back home

Verse 2: The little town never gave Johnny love, so big city hear he comes / From Mississippi found his way to Hollywood bright lights might fill his soul / Went to the diner open 24/7 got a muffin with some orange juice / Johnny put a nickel in the diner jukebox but it only played the blues


Verse 3: I’ve been look for a place of rest, a place to find my soul / Is there anyone who really cares, someone to give me more / Blueberry muffins with butter on the side, a splash of orange juice / The sounds of the birds oh they write my songs, and I just steal their tune / The laughter of the kids how they ask for you, can Johnny come out to play? / Well Johnny left home 3 months ago, with a suitcase full of shame

Top of the World

Verse 1: They say sex is the best medicine / I say sex is the cause for a lot of medicine / Pre-marital I know you hate that phrase / No sex before marriage dogg is you gay? / I’m tryin’ to get the stuff that I can’t have / I don’t want to have a baby so I’ll go half / way on the process get laid the process / Get saved to be cautious tell God of my progress / homey it’s the world and it’s my turn / I ain’t selfish with my love so I’m giving of my sperm / My girl does anything for me not to leave / And she knows I need sex like hoods need weed / So any given time I can get her in bed / And I don’t give a damn that her soul is dead / Stop looking at me like this is a crime / Anything goes as long as I get mine!

I don’t know the way from this place to the heavens / But if I can find the top of the world then I’ll stay there

Verse 2: They say sex is the best medicine / I say sex is the cause for a lot of medicine / This ain’t an after-school special on abstinence / but we don’t do the stuff that we do on accident / Experience ain’t always a teacher of life / So observation makes a poet just as right / My friends have sex like every night / And every waking hour these couples start to fight / they’re not for each other and they know it very well / but when you have sex it makes it hard to tell / I hate to simplify the very matters of your heart / but when you have sex it makes it hard to stay apart / So often times these couples stay addicted to each other / the man tells the girl that he really really loves her / the issues don’t matter cuz sex helped them cover / you saw the lightning but you stole your own thunder

Extended Chorus: I don’t know the way from this place to the heavens / But if I can find the top of the world then I’ll stay there / Cuz darling you’re a queen / and you deserve much better / Son you’re a king, find the top of the world and stay there

Verse 3: They say sex is the best medicine / I say sex is the cause for a lot of medicine / Hell ain’t just a place it’s a state of mind / Life if you’re dead inside but you claim you’re fine / If you want you can beat a dead horse to death / So I’ll let the horse live and pray I had an effect / Consensual sex out of marriage is rape / You consensually force each other to escape / Consensual sex out of marriage is cheating / Even if you haven’t met your spouse is still breathing / what if what if being a virgin was cool / what if I treated my girl like a jewel / If cyclical injustice became social recovery / Abortions only happen when mom’s life is in jeopardy / Sex is the best medicine? / Side affects overrated dogg I changed prescription

Road is Easy

Verse 1:

July 7, 1993 – the day after….

I saw my momma in Sri Lanka / Walking on the beach so beautiful / She said baby boy come run to me / I screamed mamma Why did you leave me / By myself, so alone, with no place to go / She said “Child, suffering builds character / Can’t you see your meant for Greatness / Your brother and you gonna take this, world by storm, by storm / Jesus loves you so / He gave you everything you need / Oh he’s everything you’ll need / He’s your music, He’s your future, So you don’t me / He’ll be your momma / This road is easy baby”


This road is easy, this road is easy / But sometimes it’s not / And sometimes we fall / And sometimes we win / And sometimes we lose / But we gotta hold on

Verse 2:

Yeah look how they ridicule me wanna take me down / That’s all they do is talk mess wanna change my sound / But I’m a stay the course and do just what I’m called to do / No matter what they say I keep it clean and keep it true / So this road is easy / When the Lord’s behind every step you take, and every move you make / And I’m only gonna flow for a minute cuz you know you all up in it and you know, you know / Anyway, this road is easy baby.


Verse 3

The significance of being significant / is being of significance in your brother’s predicament / Pluralistic, double minded, relativistic/ Bands of misfits, hermits, the world’s biggest cynic / You Christians are actually nothing like your Christ / Cuz you preach about faith but live by western sight / It’s the third world perspective, Irrespective of your feelings / Why do pastors get paid 3 million for their healings / Corporate America, yo we worship the flag / Plus a woman’s worth is based on the worth of her bag / Me, my father, mother, brother, all cramped in one bed / But when you’re poor you can easily put God ahead / The road was easy up until I saw a man on the ground / I tried my best to walk by him, walk directly around / I looked back and saw the man being helped by Samaritan / And realized my faith was krap, filthy religion

Humble Yourself

Verse 1: When John Baptist first started and the boys had just recorded (go humble yourself) / The people talking bout they didn’t really like the music cuz the genres were confusing (go humble yourself) / And I don’t really care what the people have to say because much to their dismay we sold (go humble yourself) / Fascinating how the world will always have their own opinion but before the middle finger goes up you must (humble yourself) / Arrogance is always dressed up as a lot of confidence and in this country that we live in meak is weak (go humble yourself) / Following your dreams can lead to shutting people off as if your dreams come before people have we lost our minds (go humble yourself) / the fall comes after pride yeah we say it all the time but we look for secret ways to try and shine (go humble yourself) / I feel like God forgot me cuz I’m cocky but the world knows all about me for the sake of my destiny I must change

Chorus: Been runnin’ on empty and I need you more each day / Been fallin by myself but believe me when I say / I’de give it all back just to hear you when I pray / Been runnin’ on empty / So just show me the way

Verse 2 (Arunan): I’ve seen all there is there to see / I’ve lived a life for only me / but It can’t compare to your majesty / Now I kneel in humility / I’ve crossed over the 7 seas / but none of it impresses me / cuz it can’t compare to your majesty / now I kneel in humility


Verse 3: An angel loved his music and he made it rather well but the fact remains it took him straight to hell / If an angel loses his wings over prideful motivation what’s to say that JB records gonna sell? / I’m sure his grammys and his accolades could not suffice all his disgrace and sadness not to see his father’s face / If the industry don’t want us then we’ll have to count our losses cuz the story of the Devil make us say (go humble yourself) / Insecurity is security if we just had the eyes to see put God between the ‘in’ and ‘security’ / I got a nation where I’m from where my people drop them bombs but aggressing rights don’t ever right them wrongs (go humble yourself) / People fight for all their rights scream and shout day and night but forget the very reason why they fight (go humble yourself) / Vindication is the feeling when your pride is turned to peace, when God vindicates we ain’t gotta speak (shh)


The Calm

Verse 1 (Arunan): Yeah all I see, is your melody it comforts me / Yeah and all I breathe is your company it’s all I need / yeah and all I feel, is your touch it causes me to kneel before your throne oh God

Rap verse 1: Last night I dreamt I had a talk with God / Dreams reflect your soul so it wasn’t a fraud / I retold the classic poem footprints / And the tone in my voice gave him enough hints / that my agitated soul spun me out of control / that I questioned his love that I questioned his role / He kept listening even when I was pissed / And He smiled when I pulled out my laundry list / Full of questions that you ask when you’re face to face / with the One who drew the world from empty space / I told Him those footprints were my own / that His presence was a fallacy I walked alone / He agreed my footprints were in the sand / but it revolutionized who I am / that He trusted me to walk out His plan / plus He tried to carry me but I just ran so I know!

Chorus: Cuz In the stormy life / Won’t you be the calm/ Let me fall asleep / Held tightly in your arms tonight

Rap verse 2: You’re like the superhero that I never had / comes through in the clutch when all goes bad / You’re the perfect lyrics to my favorite song / The sweetest melody when my chords are wrong / I’m speechless with absolutely no frame of reference / nothing compares to my number 1 preference / that’s why You’re hardly found in rap music / Cuz words can’t capture perfection it’s too confusing / I know I’ll never love you
Quite as much / so if I die in this storm I’m coming to you in a rush / these days I trace the rainbow through the rain / Keep my dreams at bay until you make a new lane / The alpha, omega, beginning and the end / I grieve you everyday but you call me best friend / star filled nights after storms you allow / so even on earth I keep my head up in the clouds and oh