Zer0 & 1ne

Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Music, Pop
Released: Jul 20, 2009
©2009 JeevoDreams
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Anywhere But Here

Chorus: One day I will fly, One day I will ride / To the stars, to the moon , just anywhere but here / One day I will go, no one follow / To the depths, of the sea, just anywhere but here

 Verse 1: You can bang all you want but if I don’t answer / That means I’m making hits just 10 times faster / Faster, somebody please call a pastor / I just died I’ve become a disaster / Disease in this world, yes a poor man’s cancer / Seems like all the good luck’s just passed you / My own worst nightmare, the Devil’s recipe / And my biggest enemy seems to be my inner me / Formerly my felonies had labeled me a refugee / But my real home comes after the death of me / So I’m standing at the crossroads, Carrying my cross home / Feels like I’m all alone, glance at my cell phone /  Cuz even when it’s dark hustlers don’t sleep / We wait for the time when silence speaks / Jeevo, Keep going reads the brand new message / Caller ID, it just read “Heaven:


Verse 2:  Ashes, ashes, pocket full of posies / Talk all you want but you still don’t know me / Can’t see truth when you really want phony / Got a bunch of stones but you still can’t stone me / No metaphors I don’t care anymore / I’ll stand outside when I get my awards / Hollywood never wanted us third world legends / Cuz we speak from the vain and the soul of a peasant / Never fake smile, and we ask all the questions / And made our own lane with a whole lot of patience / Jeevo ain’t Rajeev so I’ll say what I need / You heard what you want but the music still bleeds / So I dumb down the lyrics for the masses to swallow / Provide all the freshness for you just to borrow / Defender of the broken, weak and the feeble / I’m young Jeevo sir, voice of the people


Verse 3:  What you really here for, why did you show? / Up to the place where the people keep score / And roar at the crowd just to keep away the poor / Allure of it all is to just get more / The store window’s open but there hearts are still closed / Cuz they know I oppose all the lies they spoke / Just to satisfy the press and what they write / To make sure their names keep safe in the light / But now we gotta get a little more deep / Back to the safe where the secrets they keep  / Back to the lab and back to the streets / Back to the songs where we march our feet / A rebel, diplomat, or a freedom fighter / A mix of all three plus a dope songwriter / Please make your song content much lighter / No thank you sir, I’m much wiser

Zero and One (Feat. Nena Lockhart)

Verse 1: And it wasn’t supposed to be this way / But you’ll didn’t hear me before so I’m back again / But this time I’m coming a bit more fierce / I don’t need your eyes but I need your ears / Take my house, take my cars / Take my clothes, take my stars / Take my dreams, take my gifts / Take my talent, take what’s left / Take everything that means something / And you’ll find that it means nothing / Everything I’ve earned, and everything I’ve learned / Is everything I hate, and Everything will burn / I can’t bang my pain I’ll let the drums do it / I can’t prove God, I’ll let God prove it / The only girl I loved has left for the stars / So I’m imprisoned behind 16 bars

Chorus: Zero & 1ne (repeat 6 times)

Verse 2:  I got the organs for the church, beats for the street / Ice for the cold, and fire for the heat / Hope for my country, light for my land / Love for my people I come with a plan / When you become everything to everyone / That’s when you’re stuck between Zero and One / And you don’t have self, and you don’t have a clue / Of what in the mirror looks back at you / You becomes dust, you become air / When other people talk, you just don’t care / You don’t resonate with what they say / When they press pause, you press play / Everything to everyone for their souls / With my new eyes, I can see the world’s holes / Me and Kanye got 2 things in common / Mothers in heaven and a swagger worth jockin’


Verse 3: When Barack Obama don’t give you hope / Cuz your brother’s in a grave and your daddy deals dope / And you don’t want bread, you want what’s before / The source of the bread, yeah you want the dough / I swear I never got at a girl in my life / But every other girl wants to be Rajeev’s wife / Oooh he’s so arrogant, oohh he’s so confident / Good, don’t like me, I’m so despondent / Hate to toot my own horn but you’re in my way / So Beep Beep ladies I do not play / When’s the game gonna get more serious / Compared to the radio, I feel like a genius / My cousins in London say “sort it out” / I’m trying to sort it out but they say I need cloud / If you want one then you gotta hit zero / And when they mute me, I’ll be the unsung hero

Why Do We Give Up

Verse 1: Yea, better safe than sorry / Well sorry, that don’t do nothing for me / No conventional allegory / Could ever make me want another man’s story / You see, that’s the main problem we face / We got a bunch of carbon copies trying to play it safe / Take what’s been done before to get the same result / But to God that could be one big insult / So for me, give me a road not explored / The freedom to choose with a bunch of different doors / No nautical knowledge, to sail the 7 seas / Your voice as my compass, with 2 guarantees / That you’ll never leave my side, you’ll love me till I die / You know I can’t swim, so you’ll always keep me dry / I’de rather fail at being great, not succeed at what’s been done / I will not take the course that’s been already run

Chorus: Why do we give up, Why do we let go / Maybe it’s the fight that makes us grow / I’m searching for my lane / I’m losing at my game / Maybe it’s the fight that keeps me sane / I’m looking in the distance, and I can’t see my future / So I’ll just live in these small moments / Maybe it’s my greatness, or maybe it’s my weakness / But struggle makes me sure I’m on my way

Verse 2:  I got an angel by my side, and a demon on the other / They fight for my soul like a childless mother / Now the battle takes a toll on my human shoulder / So I document my trials in this human folder / In the forms of these songs, I pray God rights my wrongs / When His light switches on then my tragedy is gone / But sometimes His grace has to hide all the light / For the sake of our fight, to run with no sight / So we build all this faith and our character is formed / And we find all our calm in the midst of the storm / But in the midst of our gain, we still feel all the pain / Though the scene has seen change it seems things are the same / So the demon by my side appears to multiply / While the self righteous angel retreats to its sky / I’m left with no answer but a cancer in my soul / When the pressure comes quick, I will not fold


Verse 3:  Walk through the earth’s core, dropped off in the abyss / Confused like the boy who got his first kiss / Eat your soup with a fork, cut the steak with a spoon / Find the sun when it’s dark, when it’s day find the moon / Let him with no sin, cast the first stone / Yet the One with no sin, never had a stone / So with my faith, I will meditate / And confirm in Heaven’s timing that it’s not too late / Resuscitate, every bad thing that was 2nd rate / And turn them into piles full of fishing bait / That could reel in a better fish if we just wait / For the waters to stir, to disseminate / All the quality choices to permeate, and set us straight / I’m full for now because I just ate / And when I’m empty again, oh He fills my plate – YES!

What the People Have to Say

Verse 1: I heard a couple people say Jeevo can’t make it / That he would never have the chance to be their favorite / Never do things just to prove others wrong / But draw up some lyrics and write them a song / Now if you feel a pinch in your stomach, in your soul / It probably means that this song is for you’ll / Now don’t get me wrong I forgive your ignorance / You have been my impetus, my stimulus, my catalyst / To excel like spreadsheets / Prejudice like the white men in the bed sheets / Fearful cuz I’m the unlikely candidate / And John Baptist is the unlikely syndicate / I did some math with your wack numbers / Bunch of negatives multiplied by a hundred / Then I took your negatives and timed them by zero / Now that’s my math dogg, you can call me a hero

Chorus: What the People have to say every time you follow your dreams / What your heart got to say when you hear them shouts and screams / What your soul got to say when you just don’t get your way / What the people have to say, oh well, I don’t care anyway

Verse 2:  Jeevo you sing? Well we don’t like your tone / Jeevo you rap? Well stop speaking from your soul / Everything you do they got something to say / And the critics come out as soon as you hit play / The pins follow all balloons that rise / Well at least I got something to criticize / And that’s the difference between me and them / I bring my cards out while they all keep them in / You can hide all you want but if you don’t fall / You’ll be standing on everyone else to look tall / I break the chains of the slaves like a young Wilberforce / And when God gives the nod I will change the course / Of the world as we know it , big words but I’ll prove it / The light in the dark the heaven’s conduit / I’m too foolish to know what’s impossible / So I’ll do it anyway I am so possible


Verse 3: Everybody wanna sound like everybody else / And then came me who nobody really felt / Who does he sound like Who does he sound like? / Oh nobody? Then he’s nobody we like / Can I ever get a break in this game? / Will the industry always sound the same / Always looked over cuz I don’t fit in / Man they don’t know what they missin / Am I Kanye, Lupe, John Legend, Jay-Z / Coldplay, Boyz II Men , Alicia Keys / Can’t I be the one who slipped through the cracks / Who nobody knew how he got all the plaques / I promise I’ll be on my bestest behavior / Thank all my fans and also my Savior / Like the artists when they get their awards / I lie, cheat, and steal but hey I thank God

Apple Juice Girl

Verse 1: She sips on apple juice, passes on a mixed drink / Her friends think that she don’t know what she’s missing / She don’t love the action, She just has compassion / For her friends, she’s the seatbelt that they forget to fasten / Now the DJ plays their song, they’re gonna dance all night long / They’re gonna find Mr. Right in a sea of Mr. Wrongs / Feeling like the spotlight’s on, so they all start to perform / Grinding on each other as inhibitions have just now gone / Apple Juice Girl follows them to the dance floor / But she doesn’t get low, even though she dance pro / I put my corrective lenses on like Fiasco / Something in this girl’s disposition makes her soul glow / Glow, glow, glow like them stars in the night sky / She’s got me feeling like I ain’t in my right mind / Cuz she doesn’t fit in, but she also fits in / By the time I leave this place I need her number written

Chorus:  Darling you give me, the chance to see / How a good girl, can be girl, I’m hoping, we cross worlds / Dreaming endlessly, of you and me, can my last name, and your name, be the same , please don’t change

Verse 2:  I watch as she moves, unfazed by attention / Must mention, that this girl’s race is a question / Mark in my brain, oh I’m marking my pain / In case her 4th finger will rain this parade / A casual glance at a ring less hand / Brings a sigh of relief like a drowning man / Who found sand on a shore after cheating death  / If I don’t make a move then I cheat myself / Another man grabs her hand for a dance, she says no / In my head I say thanks, he says why, she says grow / Up little boy I don’t need your affection / Plenty other girls here to cure your addiction / Wow, good God she’s got self-esteem / The swagger of a queen comes off a bit mean / But the arrogance is confidence, just disguised / Cuz she knows she’s with sharks dressed up as guys


Verse 3:  My friends think I’m nuts cuz I’m so focused / Cuz I won’t talk to girls that I just don’t trust / So this apple juice girl has no affect on me / I ain’t stepping to this one, she’s probably a phony / Valet parker gets my car, last call at the bar / Shout peace and love to my friends from afar / Then I see reflection in my rear view mirror / The apple juice girl seems to be getting nearer / She points at my car says she digs my Infiniti / But it needs 2 more eyes to make a good simile / I’m shocked and dazed, confused by her words / And smiles with the look that she ain’t an average girl / She says “listen dear, there are 4 I’s in your car’s name / your 2 eyes count, but you could use another dame / Whose 2 eyes would love to see the real you / We’re gonna end the story here – 2 be continued


Wedding Dress

Verse 1: So that’s what you look like in your wedding dress / Beautiful I agree / But something feels a bit strange in me / Maybe we wrote our own fairy tale / And left out the bad ending / Baby I don’t know about this, are we really ready for this

There you are now walking down the aisle / Beautiful I agree / But I see the caution in your eyes girl / Pastor says to recite both our vows / What are we to do now / Baby should we call this off, I’m not the one that you should love

Chorus: We both know that this is not for us / You wedding dress is, just an unsure yes / We try to make right, your stained dress that’s all white / You wedding dress is, just an unsure yes

Verse 2: Darling you’re the only one for me / I’ve said that 2 or 3 / Girls in my past, but this time’s my last / Now our time is coming to an end  / You’re beautiful I agree / Your beauty will not cut it , my doubts I cannot stomach


Rap:  I don’t really know if you for me, I don’t really know if I’m for you / We do these things so foolishly, and we make decisions selfishly / Loved you but really I’m more attached / Started out slow but we ended fast / Needed some sparks and you was the match / Settled me for me cuz I was a catch / People always asked if you was the one / I just said we was having fun / I just said we was playing games / And I assumed you thought the same / No such thing as a match made in heaven / Match made in hell now the smoke’s all clearing / You take the kids on the weekends, I got em on the weekdays / That’s how the song plays / Another marriage erased, darling what a disgrace / Thought we were forever but we ended up a mistake / If you want a wifey, you gotta play nicely / Gotta go with facts, and not just what might be / Before you say yes, oh you gotta say no / Resistance purifies until you just know / Marry with a purpose, not for the surface / Reasons that’ll burn when placed through the furnace


Heart Grows Cold

Verse 1: Times up times up, this is my official break up break up / And I don’t wanna die just to wake up / Baby don’t talk to me, I’m fed up, fed up, fed up / Baby girl, you wound like an army / And I don’t know what you did to disarm me / And I don’t wanna hear another line like sorry / You’re so played out I’mma call you Atari

Rap 1: My standards out the roof, and you’re barely in the basement / You could move your stuff all out to the pavement / You can find yourself another replacement / Cuz I’m not the one you can play these games with

Your new name is confusion, cuz your love’s an illusion / You’re one trick away from making my heart grow cold

Verse 2: Raining, Raining, A February night fingers blaming / And I don’t know why have to go break me, break me, right before my birthday, birthday, birthday / You are every man’s desire / But they don’t know how your sparks turn to fire / You’re too adjusted to being admired / But one day girl all men will be tired

Rap 2: If the first shall be last, then at last I’ll be first / I’ve wanted the best but I’ve settled for the worst / Cuz of you I’m so focused and my heart’s like a stone / Until I meet my wife I vow to be alone – yeah

Chorus: You are so insecure, maybe you just need a cure / Next time please don’t wait until someone’s heart grows cold / Your new name is confusion, cuz your love’s an illusion / You’re one trick away from making my heart grow cold

Verse 3:  Hide me, hide me, looks like another groupie, groupie / And I don’t wanna have em sue me, sue me / So please step back cuz I’m so focused, focused, focused / Ay dogg, we’re not best friends oh no / I can tell cuz you call me Jeevo / My inner circle calls me something else / Need attention – go somewhere else

Rap 3: Game recognize game and I don’t recognize you / I showed you love but don’t mean you’re crew / Heard you claim John Baptist for your fame / Except the CEO don’t know your name

Next time someone shows you love / Please don’t take advantage of / Or you’ll be in a song again, my heart grows cold

Verse 4: Dear God, dear God, Don’t they know I need some space, some space / And I don’t wanna have to erase, erase / So please step back cuz I’m so focused, focused, focused / I see you, making friends with my friends / Give up the game, here’s where it ends / I don’t cosign for you, don’t use my name / Ask God to carve you, your own lane

Rap 4: What’s sad is I love you, you mess with my swag / But I can’t make up for the faults of your dad / You hear all these words, I know it breaks your heart / But to be made whole you gotta break apart


Winner (Feat. James P)

Verse 1: And so I applaud, your single-minded dreams / Your hustler’s ambition, the work behind the scenes / Everything you do that nobody really sees / And when you stay put when everybody leaves / The blood, the sweat, the midnight screams / Oh how it hurts when nobody will believe / As they criticize oh you feel so low / Those 4 dreaded words of “I told you so” / Well so, now all that being said / Keep your head up, they cannot make your bed / They will not take back the legacy you’ve left / The work that you’ve done and the joy that you’ve felt / When debris settles and the dust gets swept off / You will placed where the saints get dropped off / You will be remembered as an all time great / While your enemies face bowed down by the gates

Chorus: Though the night is long / Though the hate be strong / I’m gonna keep on fighting / Trying to keep me on the ground / But I’m flying (Repeat)

Verse 2:  Rainbows and planets and spaceships alike / I rap about the things that you just don’t like / Since the world and I just can’t get along / I smile in their face when they change my song / I am the oil that spills in your sink / When watered down I still seem to stick / When set on fire I burn the house down / And when the cops come I just can’t be found / All I want to do is uplift my camp / And make sure enough oil’s in their lamp / So when the bridegroom returns their light will still flicker / And that’s why my song content seems thicker / Oil and water – they say it can’t mix / Except when Jesus bites His own lips / And let’s the blood fall down to the bowl / Now my oil resonates in the water’s soul


Verse 3: Saint or sinner, loser or winner / Business or pleasure, Watcher or Hearer / Farther or Nearer, Darker or Clearer / Invisible especially when viewed in the mirror / Protagonist, Antagonist, I’m half of this, an Avarice / 25 years on this earth and I’m bad at this / Friend or the foe, one or zero / Zero and 1ne or an integer before / Negative or positive or positively negative / Stimulus or sedative, all of this is relative / Optimist or pessimist, pacifist or militant / Academic, endemic, hell spawned, or heaven sent / Physical, spiritual, cynical, or biblical / Faith, full of fear, unique or just typical / Life of contradiction, this is my affliction / To perfect the imperfect has now become my mission

Bridge: You can’t get me out of my focused flow / You think you care but you don’t really know / My righteous hustle, John Baptist, and Jeevo / You can keep on hating, but I’m gon keep on loving more


World Is Not My Home

Verse 1: I’ve been looking for peace, but all I can see is war on these streets / I’ve been searching for light, cuz my light’s gone dim / You sink or you swim

Pre Chorus: But I’m fighting, fighting, fighting / And I’m trying, trying, trying, to be free, to be free, of worry / And now I’m hoping, hoping, hoping, that there’s a plan that’s set before me / That knows me, welcomes me, until then, we sing oh

Chorus: This world is not my home / This world is not my home / This world is not my home / It will never be my home / I am not alone, sorrow I won’t own / My soul will always groan, since this world is not my home

Verse 2: I’ve been leaning on friends, but friends come and go / No one really stays / I’ve been haunted by my past memories / They won’t let me be

Pre Chorus / Chorus

Bridge: I’m an alien, a foreigner, a stranger on this earth / And I won’t get too comfortable (Repeat)

Pre Chorus / Chorus

I Miss You

Verse 1: Every time I think about the best way to live / I think about the way that you loved your kids / I think about the way that you smiled on earth / And since you never fit in, death put you in his hearse / Good people die young that’s what humans say / Take an “o” out of good what does that man say / I see you in the clouds and I wonder what you think / When a star twinkles I can see you when you blink / People always ask if I miss you still / And I’m like man are they for real / Do they really know how it feels empty / To walk around alone consistently / God wanted you fast and I don’t blame him / Sometimes when I pray, I don’t place Him / You looked like Him when in this life / So I’m glad that you’re always in His sight

Chorus: Momma, I know you’re here with me / Even though you’ve gone away, you’ll always be inside of me / Momma, you were so beautiful / You were the only girl, to walk with wings, an angel / And I miss you, And I miss you

Verse 2: They say I look like you, and I smile like you / And I think it’s kinda funny that I laugh like you / Mommy your jokes were lame but I laughed anyway / You knew they were corny but you said em anyway / What I would do to see you smile again / I’ve give up my life for some time to spend / A day with you, we would go to the park / You can make your butter cake and we would talk till dark / You would tell me all the stuff that I should know / And how to love Jesus so much more / How you’re proud of me, but expect greater things / How the angels harmonize every time I sing / How to treat women well, to guard their hearts / To love my future wife through all her faults / Since I traded my life to spend this day with you / Pack the rest of the cake, I’m coming home with you


Verse 3: I hate comparing girls to you, ma I know it ain’t fair / But I’m so unimpressed ma I just don’t care / And yes I still think of you when I can’t sleep / When the world shuts down that’s when my heart beats / And no I don’t drink I took your advice / But how I love desserts, we share the same vice / And no you won’t be there when your boys get married / But yes I’ll say your name when I get that Grammy / You taught both your boys how to care for each other  / See us now ma, we’re the best of brothers / Look at your first-born he’s a doctor now / Driven by the same God that you spoke about / Dad’s re-married now I know you think it’s cute / And we love aunty, she knows all about you / Every album you get one whole song / Don’t be shy ma, the chorus ain’t even that long


Jesus Aint Real

Verse 1: Jesus ain’t real, don’t tell me He’s real, No He ain’t real, He ain’t here with me / Your stories don’t count, cuz I wasn’t there / So close the door, leave me on the floor

Chorus:  Tell me how do you know, if He’s really real / When I see your eyes, they tell the truth, they’re full of doubt / All your spoon fed faith, and empty words / Don’t work with me, I’ve been through hell and I can tell / That the God you know, ain’t God at all / He’s something you’ve learned to tell the world that it’s ok / Oh it’s best know, your God much more / Before you tell the rest of us that He’s the best

Verse 2: But I do not judge, your faith with your God / It gives you hope, it’s still a joke to me / When you see me, you think I need God / My questions is, who needs Him more, who needs Him more

Chorus 2: Tell me how do you know, if He’s really real / When I see your eyes, they tell the truth, they’re full of doubt / Frankly I’m in the wrong, but I know I’m wrong / When you’re in the wrong, you think you’re right and that’s more wrong / Oh You grew up with faith, I grew up with none / Put yourself in my shoes then we will see what you’de become / Is your God that real, when you’re in the fire / When you’re going through the pain, is He still your one desire

Verse 3: Jesus ain’t real, cuz if He was real / He’d speak to me by using you / But when you speak truth, the truth is all yours / I’m lead to you, not to Jesus Himself

Chorus 3: Tell me how do you know, if He’s really real / When I see your eyes, they tell the truth, they’re full of doubt / I’m at Zero right now and I just want out / All this faith isn’t fair, I’m at Zero now where’s my One / If you feel like I feel, then stop your belief / It’s a fake, it’s a fraud / There’s no one there who gives relief  / If I gave Him a chance, He’d give me a glance / See my flaws, shake His head, realize I’m better dead

Bridge: Feeling like I’m floating in the ocean / Walking on water, but I’m drowning every time / I take one step, one breath, but I find need some rescue


Verse 1: I understand that God made Adam and Eve / And then He made Rajeev and said He is pleased / And He adores, and He implores / The sands to make my face from an ivory shore / But I explore, and then I roar / Cuz I want more from a different store / I proceed to find the ways to please myself / And pick from the trees that kill myself / So I look in the mirror to fix my swag / Polo sweaters and Louis Vuitton bags / Choicest fruits that this ink can pen / Fittings rooms in hell fully drenched in sin / Roses are red and the violets are blue / Oh my enemies are enemy but my friends are few / Conflicted artist like Michelangelo / I’m the stain in his Sistine chapel’s pew

Chorus: I have nothing left to look forward to / Everyday I go right down through the motions, the motions, the motions, the motions (Repeat)

Verse 2: Ridiculous, ridiculous is what my friends tell me / Cuz I choose to live my life unlike thee / And I choose the pain, and I choose the struggle / I choose the dark and I choose to hustle / If 99% of the world goes one way / You better go the opposite before it’s too late / Cuz these days we see the majority rules / Except majority rules are the rules of fools / Originality’s my bride, darling please marry me / Come hither over here away from fallacy / Let us pitch a tent in a nearby wilderness / And love one another where no one can bother us / Let the ravens feed us, let the trees shield us / Let the stars greet us, let our love need us / The apple of my eye, object of my affection  / Our offspring cut from a Grade A selection


Verse 3: The flowers in the church are kept in baskets / The preacher says I left a handsome casket / 6 of my friends give the eulogies / And my dear wife cries every time they mention me / Following the last song by my spouse / Is a reception at my Aunty’s house / Enlarged versions of my best taken photos / Left in the front to exacerbate the sorrow / Cremation or burial it’s all the same / Cuz I was burned in this life, underground in the game / Like dust in the rain or moth to a flame / Resisted all the fame but not all the pain / This goes down in the pages of history / Rajeev dies young for the sake of his misery / We glorify death when life goes wrong / So goodbye, farewell, so long, cuz I’m gone

Coming Home

Verse 1: She says she always thinks with her heart / She don’t know why everything falls apart / She don’t know why the moon looks so dark / Why the wounds from her past, they still leave a mark / He says he always fights for his soul / He don’t know why it takes such a toll / He don’t have the clues to crack his life’s code / And he can’t take back the seeds that he sowed / I say that I can hear them both / But I’m not the one that can search their soul / Only so much that these music notes / Can rain in their hearts until some hope floats / So when I speak I speak with a reason  / I make sure that these words are in season / I’m not an artist who really needs his craft / Music ain’t my therapy, that’s my words last

Chorus: Oh, I’m coming home, I’m coming home, I’m coming, I’m coming home, We’re coming home (Repeat)

Verse 2: They say that the war’s our fault / We say that the land’s all we got / They say what’s wrong are the rebels / If you want justice then you gotta fight gentle / I say if you gave us rights / In the first place there would be no fight / If you wanna call a group terrorist / Realize they formed because you exist / Which means we must examine what you have done / To force a demographic to pick up a gun / Not to justify all the evil they’ve cause / But to figure out if you were the source / Now you got me stuck at the crossroads / Cuz I don’t really know where this Cross goes / No allegiances so I stand alone / Jaffna, Sri Lanka I’m coming back home


Verse 3: I don’t know what I claim to be / And I don’t know what the angels see / And I don’t know why my momma’s gone / Except I know she sings my songs / My people resent me I take no sides / The government hates me I expose their crimes / Stuck in the middle and the middle ain’t fair / But I don’t follow crowds let both sides stare / My Sinhalese family you are my own / No bitterness all hate is gone / I forgive what’s been done in the past / And I know that the first shall have to be last / For those that say Rajeev you sold out /  Tell em’ of course, yes sir I sold out / Stadium seats, arenas for my songs / When I die for my faith, dear God I’m coming home


Verse 4: I’m not a pacifist I am a Christian / I don’t move til I get the vision / And when I go I go with precision / And I don’t stop til I see fruition

Talking outro


Verse 1: When this world / comes crashing down / I’ll turn to you / I’ll reach for you / and when I know / I can’t go on / I’ll wait for you / I’ll aim for you /

Chorus:’Cause I have absolutely no blueprint / No real indication / if this pain ever leaves / but I know you are my default / one ray of sunshine / that lights this road all the way home /

Verse 2: When my eyes / just see the storms / I’ll tell the cloud / to bring the rain / And when I know / you carry me home / I’ll run to you / And I’ll follow you

Bridge: No direction, your compassion, is all that seems to sustain me (repeats)