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>Home in Me — by Ginny Owens

>My Lord made a home in meMy Lord made a home in meSo now wherever my feet may roam I won’t be afraid no moreI won’t be afraid no moreCuz I am not alone My Lord made a home in meMy Lord made a home in meSo now wherever my feet may roam I won’t […]

>Friendship – Endangered Species Style

>When you try to convey righteousness, God’s love, and your purest thoughts to people, they will not receive it unless they are in a place and posture to do so. Regardless of how right you are, people do not respond on your time. They respond to their own set of circumstances and own thought patterns. […]

>Work Hard, Play Less

>I have known people that have blown their bonus checks in Vegas. I know people who work 70 hour work weeks and stay up the entire weekend to “enjoy” what little time they have for pleasure. I have heard stories of people spending $1,000 on dinner just to say they did. I know people that […]

>Pride and all its Ugliness

>The thing about pride is it seems to be a virus that can come back into your life when you least expect it. We all imagine pride as the problem we can face when we succeed, or are esteemed by groups of people. We think of pride as an excess of self-esteem – a form […]

>Once a caterer, now a trailblazer

>We have the tendency to not be what people have issues with. When we learn that someone hates conservatism, we tend to act more liberal around them. When we learn that someone hates Christianity, we try and show them “cool Christianity.” When we learn that someone hates Hinduism, we try and show them the appealing […]

>How to get them to Listen

>There is quite a bit of talking going on these days. I have never been more bombarded with words, exaggerations, and bold declarations in my life. People assume that they can speak things right into existence. They truly believe that there is a direct correlation between the grandiose statements they make, and the reality they […]

>Running on Empty

>“Been running on empty, and I need you more each day. Been falling by myself so believe me when I say. I’de give it all up, just to feel you when I pray. Been running on empty, so just show me the way.” –Humble Yourself (feat. Arunan) – from the “Wasn’t Supposed to be This […]