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>Dreams & Happiness

>If you ask the average person in America, they will tell you that they are not happy with their career, family life, ambitions, etc. There is no place that this is most apparent than in the corporate world. Most people who work with me had no idea what our department did in Kaiser before they […]

>This Always Happens

>This always happens – Whenever I am 60-75% done with an album, I go into this fit of worry, doubt, and extreme anxiety. I can almost count on it. It is a familiar feeling, but its familiarity makes it harder every time. At this point in time, I have no idea if this album is […]

>The Best Band in the World

>Can there be the perfect band? No. Can there be a “best?” Yes. Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player in the world. Coldplay is the best band in the world. You know why? They write the best songs. Chris Martin is one of the best performers our generation has known. Thank you Coldplay – […]

>Voices of Reason – Exposed!

>When you make your biggest decisions in life, people will usually respond in one of a few ways. A) They can passively resist it – by either shrugging off your decision or not saying much about it. They won’t be emotionally invested or responsive. This usually means they do not fully support your decision, but […]

>Trendy Christian Music

>I used to have a love/hate relationship with contemporary Christian worship songs – more hate. I was never sure how to feel about them, or what to think. Perhaps God will resolve this in me later down the line! For the non-churched brothers and sisters reading this, these songs are the ones that huge churches […]

>Imitation is NOT the greatest form of flattery

>Have you ever been copied? Have you ever worked hard on something that others cheapen by stealing your originality? Do people copy your style? Do people try and imitate the way you operate? Do they start talking like you? Dressing like you? Are they swagger jackers? 🙂 It’s down right annoying. What is most irritating […]

>Don’t Judge Me!!!!

>Everyone is afraid to make judgment calls because they don’t want to be labeled as someone who “judges.” When our friends and family do stupid things, we refuse to say a word. We dare not hold people to higher standards because we are well aware of our own moral pitfalls. Afterall, we are all drenched […]

>A Good Friday

>What can I say on a day like today? What can I add to what my God did for me a long time ago – for the sake of my soul – for the sake of my freedom? In all honesty, I do not even feel worthy to make a statement on Good Friday. There […]