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>I thought it was all about ME!

>The single most freeing thing to understand and know about your life is that it is not about you. Since I live in the heart of Los Angeles, I suppose I should scream and shout this everytime I walk outside. Our culture here suffers from self-consumed narcissism that leads to deep spiritual and emotional malnutrition. […]

>Is it worth it?

>A spiritual and emotional inventory is critical at certain points in your life. It’s our human way of making sure we are checking our boxes. It is our consistent frame of reference that helps us navigate this storm we call life. Pain and void do not discriminate. They cripple the strongest and the most spiritual. […]

>Goodbye and all his void

>Saying goodbye to people I love and care about is the single most devastating thing that my heart experiences. It is the kryptonite stone that reveals my humanity in its rawest form. It is a reminder that my desire to be a robot that functions like a machine can never be possible on this earth. […]

>River God

>Rolling River GodLittle Stones are smoothOnly once the water passes throughSo I am a stonerough and grainy stillTrying to reconcile this river’s chill ChorusBut when I close my eyesand feel you rushing byI know that time brings changeand change takes timeAnd when the sunset comesmy prayer would be this onethat you might pick me up […]

>In the Land of the Blind

>In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. [In regione caecorum rex est luscus.] Desiderius Erasmus, Adagia (III, IV, 96) In the land of the blind, anyone with sight seems to be the leader. Erasmus understood this well – centuries ago. There is no time in which his words ring louder than […]

>Real life mixed up with fantasy life

>Every Monday I hear people say that they can’t wait for the weekend. They babble about the past weekend – about how they got so drunk they couldn’t see straight. They talk about how they hooked up with some person, and how it was a “blast.” Then comes Monday – you can sense their anticipation […]

>Let Them Go

>I pray I don’t hurt anyone by this post – it’s just real talk. My intention is to not make people feel “less than.” Everyone on this earth is loved tremendously – by at least a few people in their lives. There is a God who trumps all earthly love. If no one cared about […]