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>Backward Growth

>In most areas of “growing up,” we make steps to be less dependent on things – whether people, resources, time, energy, etc. For example, when we move out the house, we become less dependent on our families. When we truly get a grasp on emotional stability, we become less dependent on our friends for validation. […]

>Game 7 – When Greatness Wasn’t Enough

>I know it sounds silly. I know it sounds nuts. But I was changed after game 7 of the NBA Finals. For the last 13 years of my young life, I have followed the maturation of a fellow by the name of Kobe Bryant. I have tracked his legacy. I have been his biggest fan. […]

>When one door closes – that’s it.

>When one door closes, another door opens. We all hear it time and time again. “There is something better for you.” “It wasn’t God’s will for you.” “There is a reason for all of this.” I feel like I say this more to people than they say it to me. I am surprised no one […]

>All by your Lonesome

>I do understand I have the tendency to glorify this idea – of always doing things in the quiet of yourself. To always be a lone ranger. To always stay quiet and ready. To always go very far away from the pack – and be alone. So before you guys read this and think “here […]

>The Love for an Enemy

>As followers of God, we can tend to believe that God is more on our side than He is for the next person. Now this is really difficult terrain that I am potentially walking in, and most of what I am thinking about will never be answered fully on earth. However, there may be something […]


>It has been 9 years since I have graduated high school. This is ridiculous. Where in the world did the time go? I am eagerly waiting to get old. I can imagine myself a bit more content, a bit more secure in my own skin, and a bit more seasoned. I can see a swagger […]