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>When redemption isn’t redemption

>Our entertainment industry is saturated with stories that go like this. Young actor/musician/etc. comes out – they are inundated with the celebrity culture – they go through severe character trials and tribulations – they sell out their integrity for everything worldly – THEN Then somewhere down their careers, they find God. Or they find something […]

>Slow down – Mandated Breaks / Brakes

>Just when you build up to 200mph – just when the wind finally picks speed and you are well on your way to the destination, there can be an unexpected break in your journey. I call this a mandated break / brake. These breaks come in many different forms. For people who do not take […]

>Green and Unattractive

>You shouldn’t be jealous of others. Period. Everybody has their own life and cards that they were dealt. Everybody goes through things. Everybody has an uneven distribution of “fortune” vs. “misfortune.” We all vary in our strengths and weaknesses. We all look different and have varying personalities. Some of us have few friends. Others have […]

>Hometown Hero

>You would think that your loudest supporters and biggest encouragement would come from your own people. You would think that those that have seen you mature and become everything that you have always wanted to be would be right by your side. Isn’t it the most amazing thing? — To see people that you have […]

>The Hype

>When Oprah asked Michael Jordan 4 years or so ago: “In today’s age, would you rather be a rock star or a superstar athlete?” MJ replied: “Superstar athlete – b/c it’s way easier to make money in sports nowadays because people believe the hype and get paid hundreds of millions of dollars before they play […]