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>Misunderstood by the Comrades – fly solo.

>We seem to get very frazzled when our closest comrades, friends, teammates, and family don’t understand us. This always happens in the 11th hour. Those that you feel should partner with you and understand you the best actually don’t care that much. In fact, they distract you from your prize. This is why Jesus had […]

>2nd place

>I shall start with a quote that I believe in wholeheartedly – – – “What does it mean to be the boss / It means 2nd place is the first one that lost” — Kanye West (Power remix feat. Jay-Z) The biggest catastrophe is not coming in last place. At least when you come in […]

>What’s better than the best?

>In our heads we think we know what is best for us. We have spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental metrics that we think we have to follow. “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor.” – This is what every 5th grader says. Society told them that being a doctor is the best […]

>Friend or Foe

>There is a fine line between your friend and enemy. Know when your friend is acting like your enemy. And know if your enemy is really your friend. Since we live in a fallen world, the two can be interchangeable. If you are using your friend, you are being an enemy to them. If you […]

>For You

>I strongly believe that if you are doing exactly what you are called to do, you are living in service to the world. Many people wake up in the morning and try to find ways to serve. While I applaud this generous mentality and outward focus, we might be missing an important aspect in service. […]