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>Religious Music Industry = Garbage

>When I say religious I mean Christian – I can’t speak for other faith based music industries because I haven’t experienced them firsthand – nor do I think they would be as pathetic and cowardly as my very own faith’s industry. America has a miserable Christian music industry. The artists are all aspiring rock stars […]

>Genres and other stuff

>Some people say I do rap music – or hip-hop. Others say I do positive music. Many say I do religious music. Those that identify with religious music say I do secular music. Some say I do music about love. Some say I’m a singer. Others say I’m mainly a producer who happens to rap […]

>Psalm 16 – Preparation for Fall Conference

>My heart jumps from conviction and excitement as I hear words in season – on time – sharp like a laser — My own soul has to fall under this scrutiny— “The Lord wants to be your cup. The Lord does not want to be an instrument of which you can have your own cup […]


>There are many people who have heart. There are people who are “passionate” about things (my least favorite word is “passionate” these days). A lot of people are somewhat loving. A lot of people are sincere. Many are bold. Many are honest. Many are smart. Tons of people are nice. Compassion is rare. Compassion – […]