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>Recovery Time

>It is a common misconception that people of destiny are always “plugged in” and continually on fire. Many assume that people of substance are walking on air and water at all times. The ironic thing is most people who do some significant things in this world are those that are most in touch with their […]

>A Sabbath Rest

>The most successful people know how to rest. They know how to work as a result of rest. They don’t necessarily deserve rest, but they know they need it – so they take it. Today we see people run around like aimless chickens with their heads cut off. I figured out this generation’s favorite word […]

>Chasing A Dream

>I do understand that there are goals that we should have. I do understand that we should all be greatly dissatisfied until those goals are reached. However, as people of destiny and not destination (like my Pastor mentioned), we can’t put our life on hold until everything seems to be reaching that destination. We don’t […]

>Endangered Species Sighting

>I didn’t post this on my facebook because I want the next few weeks or so to be about my album. So I’ll put it here – You may not agree with the things this man highlights, or his points of emphasis may be different from yours – But the same Spirit works in everyone […]

>I found it!!!!!

>No exaggeration – Every month or every other month, I google one thing and pray that someone put it online. For the last 4 years, I have done this. I have diligently researched and even e-mailed MTV to find out if I can get a copy of what you see below. I watched this 6 […]

>You know what’s cooler? A billion.

>Douglas Laity is a physician in San Diego. *Isn’t it funny that I boxed his identity in as a physician – like that’s the first thing I mentioned – I’m so conditioned just like everyone else….He went to undergrad with my brother at the University of Rochester. They were the first person each of them […]