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Shanta Devarajan

The funny thing about my uncle Shanta, is that he is certainly the most brilliant one in the family – and could be one of the smartest people I know personally – yet he walks around completely unassuming and unfazed by his title. Today we talked about everything from rap music to Sri Lanka’s sudden […]

Merry Christmas – The Show Goes On :-)

The Devil can mess with you on your holiday – especially the greatest times of the year. You will be attacked if you are a soldier. So I thank Mr. Lupe Fiasco for releasing his video for his comrades on Christmas Day! I know holidays can be a reminder of a void in your life. […]


When we are given a name and identity, we are like cars with a complete engine. We have access to the highest quality parts, the best quality oil, and a full tank of gas. The problem is the road comes full of accidents and terrible weather conditions, in the form of temptations, bad relationships, misguided […]

I know it’s Christmas but….

I know it is Christmas, but can I talk about Easter? 🙂 Every “spiritual” person is always taught that God is everywhere. His presence is everywhere because He’s God. I think this understanding of God is good. It’s very correct in alot of ways. God is a God that fills up this world – He […]

My biggest fear

I envision all the people I dream of addressing. I think about the masses sometimes. I think about those that hear my music all the time. I wonder what they are thinking – how they are perceiving every lyric on every chord. I think about you often. I think about you everytime I get a […]

Paygrades, Kobe Bryant, and Second Graders

What happens if Kobe Bryant keeps playing against second graders? Everyday, they go out and compete. He would probably score 200 points a game, not need any of his teammates, and think he’s better than he really is. He would probably not spend any time with his teammates after playing. I mean think about it. […]

The Mystery of Grace

What in the world is God’s grace? Does it mean that God helps those that help themselves? Is it some sort of appropriate balance between our own work ethic, and a push from the stars to get us beyond what we can do after we work really hard? Is God’s grace such that we don’t […]

Hebrews 4

This post will be a “Christian” one – so for the many of you that read this and want to skip this one – I won’t be offended – Believe me, I understand. However, I have to stay 100% authentic to who I am as an artist, human, musician, and spirit. Sometimes I will be […]

Forget about 2011

Everytime people have a year that did not meet expectation, they come up with a new mantra for the next year. It could be divine in 2009. Or Win in 2010. Or Reach the heavens in 2011..haha. The end of the year comes with great expectation for the beginning of the next. It is as […]

When People Just Don’t Get It

In 2004, I heard of an artist by the name of Ginny Owens. Her outlook to life scared me because it spoke to the darkest areas of my soul. She articulated through her music and lyrics the things that I never knew were deep within me. She had insight to life that was far beyond […]