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The New Rationality

It is crazy for most people to drop out of Harvard, but not to Bill Gates. It was crazy for Kanye’s mom to leave everything behind in Chicago and move his son to New Jersey just because he made beats. New Jersey – really? It was crazy for Cornel West to leave his post as […]

My Funny Valentine

It has been said that single people hate Valentines Day until they are in a relationship or married. This is probably true, since people in love want to find any and every opportunity to celebrate each other. For the single person, marriage seems grossly unattainable – it seems so far and distant. For the married […]

Being too patient

The reason why the word “busy” irritates me is because being busy never ensures success. We can spend 10 straight hours slaving away at something, but can find that the work didn’t amount to very much. We take several stabs at things – and all the stabs are like punching the air. There is never […]

1 Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year mark in which I decided to start a blog. This year, I have felt more exposed than ever. I really despise people getting an insight into my life. I really hate the fact that God has given me a calling that requires publicity, media, and anything to do with talking […]