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Enemy Terrain

June 25, 2011 – I will be performing my album for 1300 people at USC. It is only fitting that I perform here – an album called “Endangered Species” – an album that is about infiltrating the world under very unfavorable circumstances. Being a UCLA alumni, I am honored to fill the shoes of a […]


Every month or so, I write songs for other artists. I have certain deals with certain artists – Some of them want “Ghostwriters.” – That means you don’t get credit for the songs you write for them – they take the credit. It is very common in the music business. These songs are super catchy. […]

The Smallness of a Giant

We shy away from small things. Most people think we shy away from big things. We don’t. No one gives up big opportunities or on “big” potential. People give up on small things. In the Bible, the kingdom of God is compared to a tiny mustard seed. Though unbelievably small, it grows into the strongest […]

The Safe Ones

The safe ones are actually not that safe at all. Several people have wonderfully, comfortable lives. You have a stable job, stable income, stable house, stable everything. You can go on trips whenever you want. You have children that go to private schools. You have people that clean your yards once a week. Your life […]

Pure Joy – Just a moment, but I’ll take it

I have been begging God for a team for years. When I say team, I’m talking about a team of All-Stars. I’m speaking of a team where I’m not Kobe Bryant – I’m more like Lamar Odom – Where I play a solid part, but I can stand in awe of the greater ones around […]

Joy Runneth Dry

Desire vs. Obligation. Desire vs. Sacrifice. Desire vs. Righteousness. Desire vs. What is Right. Desire has many opponents these days. Desire is always fighting something. It seems to always be contradictory to what we really should do. Our desires cannot be trusted — at least we seem to think so. But I wonder if it […]