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Equality Gone Wrong

America has taught us to do everything in balance. Equality is something we have to grasp – if someone gets $3, so should everyone else who does the same thing to acquire the $3. If someone has a house, so should others. Even though this world is far from equal, we pursue it in whatever […]

Kiss FM can Kiss my A***

As you all know by now, G-Vo did not win Kiss FM’s breakout star competition. Regardless of the fact that my band was the best act of the night, KISS FM decided to stage the entire event. They showcased their very own band and let them win – it was so obvious. It caused many […]

The Peace of God

If you watch Stephen Curry play for the Golden State Warriors, there is something so oddly unique about the young star. Every time I watch him play, I have always been intrigued by his extreme confidence and poise. Maybe it’s because his father played for the NBA – maybe he has his father’s DNA. Maybe […]