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A Perfect God

Sometimes we wish God was imperfect, so that He could come into our situation. Human beings think we can relate to people based on similar experiences. God can relate to us if He was imperfect – that way, He wouldn’t be so hard on us when we mess up. We may not say it, but […]


There is no right way to grieve. We live in a day that likes to offer all sorts of methods and equations to handle yourself. It is the 10 step generation. Everybody wants to be in control, and every topic seems to have its experts – Experts who probably never experienced the thing they are […]

Does God Change His Mind?

Sometimes we pray to change God’s mind. At least we pray like we have to change His mind – It is as if He has made up the plan and will stick to it – no matter what. How to do you engage with the Creator of the Universe when He already decided to do […]