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Green Grass

When we plot our next steps, it is always with the promise that the grass is greener on the other side. Everything we plan is in respect to something else being better. Things are always promising as long as they don’t look like anything in our present. What is it about the human condition that […]

The Circle

This world is run by the ideas of circles. There are inner circles, outer circles, small circles, big circles – and the list goes on. Every community is defined by who is in the circle, and who is left outside the circle. Our circles can dictate what jobs we get, what friends we have, who […]

Encouragement – Most People Suck at It

It amazes me how much people are willing to applaud and extol famous musicians, celebrities, athletes, etc. People are willing to stick their neck out for their credibility, their greatness, and their legacy. We even argue over it don’t we? – Who’s better, Jordan or Kobe? Who’s the best entertainer ever – MJ or the […]

God’s Dream

Many of us are so frustrated in pursuit of our destiny and dreams, that our soul feels a death and sorrow that cannot be articulated by words. What is your dream? What are your desires? How far away do you feel from the things that are so precious in your heart? Do you feel like […]


It doesn’t matter if you hate it or love it – Conflict will find you. If it doesn’t find you directly, it will find you indirectly. It will involve you to extents that you should not be involved. It will hold you accountable and it will bring up your deepest insecurities, fears, unopened wounds, regrets, […]

A Secret Companion

Many people are called to seasons of singleness. This means you are not actively looking for romance. You are not looking for a spouse or significant other. It is good to be single. In fact, it is part of your destiny to be single. When you are single, you don’t have to listen to anyone. […]