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Beautiful Things

My director (Naisa Wong) made me listen to this before shooting the final scene for “Won’t Say a Word.” She wanted me to go back to the place when I was in the hospital in 1993 – age 9 – walking towards my mother before I fell asleep right next to her as she passed […]

God over Everything (G.O.E.)

If you had no community – left on a deserted island with no support, no prayer meetings, no human interaction – will you be spiritually solid? If you did not have any mentors, people investing in you, peers to run things by, etc – will you be able to make your own decisions? If we […]

7 Miracles Away

You can never quite articulate the space you have to live in when chasing and hoping for a miracle. It is a space of extreme despair, extreme anxiety, potential joy, deep anguish, profound desire, and persistent sacrifice. This space is quite intriguing. You can find yourself dreaming during the morning, crying in the afternoon, smiling […]

The Anatomy of a Tear

People cry for multiple reasons – loneliness, sadness, grief, depression, joy, sorrow, or even conviction. Tears can by symbolic. Tears can be allergic 🙂 Tears can be healing. They can even be refreshing. A foreign tear – one that comes every so often – is the tear of anxiety. Anxious tears are tough – they […]

The Real You

Most people are identified by one or two main talents or strengths. When you are describing me to someone, you probably say: “You know Rajeev, the guy who does music.” You associate music with me. If you are talking about a painter, you say: “You know so and so, the one who paints.” Most of […]