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Our faithfulness in Question

Chasing a miracle is a heart-wrenching and devastating ordeal. With anything that is worth pursuing, you have the consequence of bitter defeat, or glorious triumph. A middle area does not exist in this land – yet most people want nothing more than this middle area when chasing a miracle. The middle area is where you […]

Jeevo’s 1st MIXTAPE! -T.K.W.P. – “The Kanye West Project”

I am very excited for you guys to hear my first official mixtape. Before it comes out next week, I wanted to let you all know what a mixtape is, and what my purpose for releasing it is. Many of my fans have been e-mailing me and messaging me on facebook wondering what a mixtape […]

A Big Sigh…lol

How does this make you feel? Me too. Peace and Much Love to you – Jeevo.