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He gives, takes away, shuts down, and rebuilds

If it is true that our Spirit lives beyond our physical body, then why do we spend so much time developing the outer self instead of the inner.  There is something in our humanity that irrationally favors temporal things.  I am on the quest to figuring out why.  Why do we care most about the […]

Why Do We Give Up?

This is track number 3 from my Zero & !ne album – I was so close to not putting this on the album until God stirred my soul as we were mastering the other songs. Your homework assignment: Read these lyrics while playing the song in your headphones – tell me how it goes for […]

Good Morning 2012

One day I will have some kind of documentary on “Jeevo” where they will interview my family and friends about how I grew up, what they thought of me,etc. The year 2011 will be known as the year that took the most out of me in my 20s. If you categorize every year into bad […]