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>I do understand that there are goals that we should have. I do understand that we should all be greatly dissatisfied until those goals are reached. However, as people of destiny and not destination (like my Pastor mentioned), we can’t put our life on hold until everything seems to be reaching that destination. We don’t sit and act like our lives get so much better when we reach our goal. As people of the destiny and not the destination, we find freedom and joy NOW – not later.

People always ask me – what will you do one day when you make it? I’m always so puzzled when I hear that! What does “making it” mean? That I have a Bentley in my driveway? That I have a bigger house than I already do? That I get swarmed by hundreds of people when I walk outside in the morning? That I wear sunglasses indoors? That I party all night after my studio sessions?

What in the world do you mean by “making it?”

When I started in this music business, I said I want to make the best music that I know how. I’ve already started doing that. I said I want to get paid doing music. I’m doing that. I said I want to have my own artists that I work with. They are my pride and joy. Everyday I have “made it.” Sure, the scope of my work has not reached its full potential. But why would I want that now? Why would I want that when the time is not right? Why? Why would you? Why would you want to get married when you’re not even impressive single? Why would you want to be bigger than you’re supposed to be? Why are we always asking for things that we have no business asking for?

Making it means doing what you are called to do. If you are someone who thinks there is a sign for “making it” you are terribly misguided and wrong. Do you think Kobe Bryant thinks he’s made it? Why do you think he works harder than rookies in the leage after having 5 championships under his belt? Do you think Kanye West has made it? Then why is he always complaining that he still gets shafted after selling millions of records and selling out arenas? There is no such thing as “making it” in the ways that we think of it.

Don’t ask me if I’ve made it – Of course I’ve made it. Look at me – and take a picture – it’ll last longer. You must be out of your mind to think I haven’t made it – and this isn’t insecure artist talk either – When your soul and mind is at peace, you know you’ve made it. And even when it doesn’t, thank the lucky stars that it’s more important that Someone other than yourself made you. You don’t make anything – but you were made. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

PS. for the love of God, buy my record….”Brought in this world to break up the monotony”

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