>There are many people who have heart. There are people who are “passionate” about things (my least favorite word is “passionate” these days). A lot of people are somewhat loving. A lot of people are sincere. Many are bold. Many are honest. Many are smart. Tons of people are nice.

Compassion is rare.

Compassion – It is how the Creator sees us when we are starving – and He watches us eat what He provides. Have you ever seen someone crying while they are eating? Picture it for a second. Compassion is the inexpressible response when you witness injustice done to completely powerless people. It is what makes the world shift because it is so polar opposite to the forces of nature. An act of compassion changes the trajectory of peoples’ lives forever. Compassionate people are hardly known. Compassionate people walk around like invisible angels, flying from one need to the next. Compassionate people disguise themselves as everything but compassionate, because their rewards are in heaven – not on earth.

Compassion changes all parties involved. It changes the person who is compassionate, and it changes the one receiving compassion. Compassion is when the suffering of people are taken into account. As the world grows darker and people grow colder, compassion’s light grows brighter. It is even easier to identify compassion.

There is a God who is full of compassion – hot and burning with compassion. In fact, He is the definition of compassion. He is compassion. A compassionate God watches over the universe. The skeptics will ask how a compassionate God can cause so much misery – and the religious will say that the humans cause the misery. The skeptics need an obvious interaction with a compassionate God to know He exists. The funny thing is the religious need the same exact thing.

Somewhere in the midst of no God and a God, lies all human beings who somehow tend to prescribe to the same thing. The “religious” lot can’t for the life of them understand how a God could be compassionate, since they spend their entire lives relying on chance and good fortune to push them through and then say God did it. The secular lot just made their own way, and dictated their own lifestyle and ideas. Both religious and secular live the same exact way – b/c in the end, no one can tell you if God is full of compassion or not. Growing up in a temple, church, or mosque doesn’t make you closer to a compassionate God. Growing up without a cross, Christmas, or a Bible doesn’t make you further away from a compassionate God either.

If any of us interact with a God full of His compassion towards us, the people we love, and the things we care about, I wonder how we would live then. After a night full of drunken mishaps, what happens when He puts his hand on your forehead as you vomit? When you lose the one you have loved for many years, what happens when He assures you that a better one is chosen for you? When you don’t have money to buy groceries, what happens when just enough appears in an envelope? When you don’t have a job after 2 years of unemployment, what happens when you get that phone call? When you are suffering from cancer and the doctors have no answers, what happens when they say there is no sign of cancer anymore? When you wake up everyday dying to live out your dream, what happens the moment you get discovered?

What if there is a God full of compassion? What if He finds us?

Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist.

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  1. Lmarcos

    >That's incredible becaue I just read Luke 16:19-31 yesterday, the story of the rich man and Lazarus..one of the best calls to compassion