>Corporate Hustle – the lesson of power

>The greatest people in the world know how much power they have, and choose to not abuse it. All the douchebags have an inflated sense of self-worth. They take the power they have and twist it, until they take everything they can from people and their resources. I used to have a Robin Hood mentality – I’m off that now – I realize that I don’t get to decide what is just. I am not the barometer for true justice – for the righteous hustle.

In corporate America, there are tons of people that are aimless. People like me can either wither away in these arenas, or come out on top. There is a fine line here – what does it mean to hustle these scumbags by using their resources for righteous gain? – and what does it mean to not overstep integrity – to not go too far in using corporations to push your own agenda? It is a fine line I confess to going both ends on – I absolutely do wrong sometimes – I absolutely use street sense to maneuver this way and that. I am a rascal at heart – I have a way of finding the best options and easiest ways possible – this is my strength, this can also be a great weakness.

In our own lives we have power. We like when people listen to us. We like when people follow us. We like to have control. When people give us a space, we take it. When friends give us the benefit of the doubt when we don’t deserve it, we use it to our advantage. Power is a monster – and no one is humble or submissive enough to deal with it – not even the best of you. This is why I love Kanye’s song “Power.” He gets into the meat of it – “No one man should have all that power.” He concludes the song by saying “We have the power to give up power.” He understands something that most people never enter into – He found the emptiness of his own decisions based on his power.

I will hustle until the day I’m dead. It’s in my genetic makeup – it’s in my blood. However, I must also be open to correction in the process. There is a way that you can hustle outside of love – outside of integrity. It is better to be an idiot and innocent, than a genius and guilty. The older I get, the more I realize that excellence is a sum of many balances – not balances that sedate the fire – but balances that add to it. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

2 Responses

  1. Lmarcos

    >May God make us more balanced people – with love and faith guiding every practical decision. Thank u for this poignant truth. I wonder sometimes what judgment day will be like.. When all is said and done how much of our lives will really count

  2. LiveLoveLaugh

    >You know my favourite BEATITUDE is Blessed are the Meek…because in context meekness is having power but under control. Specifically used in the context of powerful animals like horses who have been harnessed. I love the idea of that. I have to say in my entire life I have only met a handful of people who know how to harness power and not the other way around, but those that do, man I stand in awe of them! There;s this rapper dude I know too…