Forget about 2011

Everytime people have a year that did not meet expectation, they come up with a new mantra for the next year. It could be divine in 2009. Or Win in 2010. Or Reach the heavens in 2011..haha. The end of the year comes with great expectation for the beginning of the next. It is as if 2011 means the start of new things. It is as if 2011 means a new trial run on life.

If you take a real good look at your life’s inventory in these past few years, you have to really ask yourself if you have improved as a person. You really have to see if the mirror tells a better story, or if you keep telling the mirror the story you want to see. January 1, 2011 does not mean the beginning of your dreams. It does not indicate a brand new start. January 1st can be another day, and will be another day, if you continue to psych yourself up for something better. Positive thinking doesn’t do much. It makes you positively unable. It makes you mediocre with a smile. It makes you ineffective, but at least in a pleasant way.

Everyone wants a new start. My question is what have you done with the start you were given? The universe is not dictated by how badly you want something. The universe is dictated by what you do about it. The universe is annoyed that people talk about all the things they want to accomplish – so the universe does not pay attention to misguided hearts.

Want to know what I think about 2011? I could care less. I want to know what is happening right now – Dec. 8 2010 at 10:54AM. I want to know if providence is here with me now. I want to know if I will be the same when more people know me. I want to know if I will still like confetti cake when I’m on stage in front of thousands of people. I want to know if I will be approachable when I feel like everyone is out to get what I have. I want to know if I will feel my Savior’s love when love is all gone – when people stop caring – when the music turns off. I want to know if I will be a worthy friend – a worthy husband – a worthy father – a worthy soldier. My dreams are now. They do not wait for 2011. They do not increase or decrease based on how I’m feeling about them.

Human beings are unable to decide when something is starting anew. The newness of something is not dependent on a year or time. It is better to track with something that is new when it’s new – rather than make it new by your own data. As far as I’m concerned, 2010 was a great year – full of loss, gain, joy, fatigue, sadness, excitement, old, new, etc. I am pretty sure that 2011 will look more like this. I am pretty sure it will be the same for you. Don’t be fooled by the date. If you are dictated by the hype of a fake new, you will miss the REAL brand new work that is really happening. All of heaven is cheering for you now. All of what you need is right now.

Here’s to my New Year’s Celebration – 23 days before the rest of the world – Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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  1. Lmarcos

    >this part really hit home:

    "My dreams are now. They do not wait for 2011. They do not increase or decrease based on how I'm feeling about them."

    so powerful and convicting..thank you for bringing us back to the present, instead of our tendency to run to the future or hide from the past.