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>There is a fine line between your friend and enemy. Know when your friend is acting like your enemy. And know if your enemy is really your friend. Since we live in a fallen world, the two can be interchangeable. If you are using your friend, you are being an enemy to them. If you are loving your enemy, you are being a friend to them.

Here’s the thing – The world is bigger than your specific world. Sometimes, we are too self-consumed in our own worlds that we forget that God wants to move a bigger world / dimension into our tiny little space. Do not be so fixated on what is going on in your world – b/c your world can be completely man-made. In God’s world, He does things that are dynamic – he brings people together from different worlds – don’t miss out – don’t miss out on real friendships, real relationships, real community. Most people are stuck in what they know – open up to a reality that is more real and greater than yours.

Know your friends. Know your enemies. It’s usually not your enemies that get you – it’s always your own people. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

ps. This post is fire – and I know it.

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