He gives, takes away, shuts down, and rebuilds

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If it is true that our Spirit lives beyond our physical body, then why do we spend so much time developing the outer self instead of the inner.  There is something in our humanity that irrationally favors temporal things.  I am on the quest to figuring out why.  Why do we care most about the things that do not last?  What is the allure of that which cannot endure?

I realize that our relationship with the temporary is comfortable.  Temporary things don’t take much to alter their state.  Ephemeral goods have such a quick turnaround.  We can draw satisfaction from it so quickly, and draw disdain from it in the same way.  Things that do not last are humanly malleable.  We can create them – and we can destroy them.  We can change its course and determine its longevity.  It is like a hairstyle – a flavor of the month – a book of the week.  We love the things we can change.  We hate the things we cannot.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have roots than run deep.  The depth of these foundations make it impossible to bend or move its roots.  The problem is that some of these roots have to be dealt with.  The strength of a root is not always good, because it makes it extremely difficult to deal with if the root is inherently bad.  Imagine a rotting root that just won’t come out.  These roots seem to be long-lasting; maybe even eternal.

We need a God to deal with our inner self.  Our inner being is an eternal root.  We don’t have much control over it by our own strength.  We have the opportunity to develop our inner being, but we can’t engage with it like the rest of our self.  Our inner being is not like a hair stlye, or our weight.  It is the deepest part of our Spirit that engages with God Himself.  You have to be really brave to allow your Spirit to be developed by God.  Eternal things are never in-between life and death.  They either live and live strong – or they must die and die completely.  Our eternal roots most frequently have to do with our identity in and with God.  They have little to do with our profession or calling, but rather with the most essential and basic parts of our relationship with God – love, mercy, son-ship/daughter-ship and Grace.  When God commands your Spirit, He has to kill certain parts.  He has to do deep transformation.  This requires painful surgery.  This requires unrecognizable transformation.  This is necessary for you to embrace the life you always wanted.

The inner Spirit or inner Being is more important than any other aspect of your life.  It is the only thing that matters.  It is more important than how you feel, or what good you do in your lifetime.  Any opportunity to develop you inner Spirit is the highest pursuit – it is the most worthy calling – it is God’s deep longing for you.  As we undergo our many deaths and funerals in our inner being, may we find deep joy and gratitude.  May we outlast the death.  May we overcome the sting of transformation and being “dealt with.”  May the joy be so much greater than the hurt.  May the smile be far bigger than the volume of tears.  The funeral at the end of our lives may be the least painful in light of the inner deaths that we will face in our Spiritual journey.  May our Spirit be louder, stronger, more illuminating, and ferocious than anything our flesh can offer on its most glorious day.  Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo.

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