>Imitation is NOT the greatest form of flattery

>Have you ever been copied? Have you ever worked hard on something that others cheapen by stealing your originality? Do people copy your style? Do people try and imitate the way you operate? Do they start talking like you? Dressing like you? Are they swagger jackers? 🙂

It’s down right annoying. What is most irritating is when they think what they are doing is fully “them.” They think they are being original, not realizing that you laid the entire blueprint. I have seen people steal my music, my artwork, my choice of clothes, my phrases, my style, my movements, my everything! I have seen a cd that was modeled exactly after my own. I have seen people trying to write songs that sound like mine. I have even heard people asking people I work with about what direction I am going in, so they can get ideas. You should be very careful about inquiring about me, because my real friends are extremely loyal. Members of the John Baptist family are undercover — so be very careful.

**I have listed the things above, just so you featherweights know that I can’t get hustled – and you’re not slick. I’m allowed to be human too – I can have feelings – I can get pissed off from time to time. I think it can be healthy :-)..it’s all in the response I suppose!

My brother told me to not concern myself with such petty things. He said and I quote: “The federal government does not bother itself with local politics.” I was shocked because it was a swagger filled comment coming from a relatively mild-mannered bloke! I tried to listen to him. I really did; but I could not control how annoyed I was at all this imitation.

As in all my human struggles, God rebuked me – gently, but firmly. He said, “So Rajeev, you want to be a source of light in this generation, but you want the light to shine in the way you see fit? You want to have impact on people, and you also want to dictate how I choose to use you for my glory? You want the benefits of having a relationship with me, AND you want to claim that everything you do is COMPLETELY original? You want to be used to your max, but you want to protect your originality? You want so badly to help people, and you get mad when you rub off on them?”

As in all moments of rebuke, I kept my mouth shut for about a week or two before I had enough strength to open it again. I realize that all our great deeds and well-intentioned ideas are filth. I continue to see the shortcomings of my best. When your best is covered with worms, it is usually an indication that God has to fill you up with more of Himself. I have seen pride swell up in me in very small and disguised ways. The failure to cut it off can do damage that cannot be measured.

I apologize for having strings attached to my love. I am yours to copy. I am yours to use. Take whatever I can offer you. Run with it, and be better than me.

Dumb down the lyrics for the masses to swallow
Provide all the freshness for you just to borrow
Defender of the broken, weak, and the feeble,
I’m young G-Vo sir, voice of the people

–Anywhere But Here (Zer0 & 1ne)

Peace, and much love to you. John Baptist!

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  1. Tabitha

    >Imitation is the quickest and easiest way of making a dream a reality for some…a short term gain at the cost of a long term loss…tragic really, those individuls are to be pitied more than anything. Imagine never knowing the initial pain and subsequent joy of giving birth to that unique and precious "baby" that is your own…a being that contains the essence of you and no oneelse except your maker…the joy of enjoying that first stirring of an idea and seeing it come to life. Shed a tear for them G-Vo…then move on quickly before they can pull you down to their level! T-Momma :p