Jeevo’s 1st MIXTAPE! -T.K.W.P. – “The Kanye West Project”

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I am very excited for you guys to hear my first official mixtape. Before it comes out next week, I wanted to let you all know what a mixtape is, and what my purpose for releasing it is. Many of my fans have been e-mailing me and messaging me on facebook wondering what a mixtape is!

In the hip-hop world, a mixtape is a very common mode of marketing and exposure. Essentially, a mixtape is a collection of songs put together by an artist, usually using other peoples’ music and putting their own lyrics and spin to it. For example, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, 50 Cent, and several others became well known only after their mixtapes – this is even before they had their own album with their own music. In rap music, you can rap over other peoples’ beats and add your own unique perspective to a song that millions have already heard. One of Lupe Fiasco’s mixtape songs was called “Muhammad Walks” – where he took Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” and did his own thing on it based on his religious/social paradigm. Mixtapes can also be songs that are original, but not necessarily album material. A mixtape is a good excuse for an artist to just showcase another form of expression – something you may not get to see on an actual album.

Rapping/Singing on someone else’s original track is also another way of paying homage or respect to the original artist. Many of Lupe’s mixtape songs were to Jay-Z and Nas beats. You begin to associate where his natural taste in rap is based on what he chooses to rap on for his mixtape. Drake employed Kanye’s “Say You Will” beat, where he showcases his quality flow and lyricism. I actually was so inspired by what Drake did, that I took that same beat and added it to my mixtape.

Now it’s Jeevo’s turn. People have been telling me to do a mixtape for 2 years now, and I never saw the point – Why would I take someone else’s music when I have like 100 songs in my head unrecorded? When I tore my ACL, I had so much time to pray, reflect, and write. I realize that my fans don’t get to see all sides of me as an artist. My albums are sort of a word in season for people. It is my time to be “responsible.” Although that is a huge part of who I am, no one gets to see how I freestyle – how I just mess around on songs – how I can be comical or sarcastic on songs. It was a no brainer for me to choose all Kanye West songs. He is my favorite “hip-hop” artist, and I owe alot of my courage as a musician to the lane that he has paved for different kind of guys like me. So in a matter of 2 weeks, I just started writing and it turned out to this homage to Kanye. I wrote 12 songs – all mainly freestyles that were in my head. There is not too much thought or strategy – it’s just me doing what I do.

In terms of quality – I want you all to keep this in mind. I recorded the entire album in 2 studio sessions – The first was 5 hours, and the second was 3 hours. Most artists take months to record mixtapes. I did it in 8 hours. Obviously, the music is not mine – so the music you hear are all Kanye instrumentals that I found on the internet! – so none of the music can be mixed b/c they are just mp3’s. Secondly, the point of a mixtape is for it to NOT sound professional – it’s just to remind you who Jeevo is, and even though I didn’t put out an album this year, I’m getting better as a person, artist, and communicator – for all of you.

Keep a very open mind when you listen to my lyrics. Even though it was me just breezing through songs, it can be argued that these are my best lyrics yet. In fact, those that have heard a few songs tell me that I’ve topped all 3 of my last albums with this one. Some of the lyrics are very provocative – so don’t go writing me why you think I went too far. Well, I suppose you can have that opinion – but take into account that this is a fuller picture of what I think about – so maybe you can choose to not be a fan if you were on the borderline 🙂 For those of you who have contacts to Mr. Kanye West – by all means – let him hear this. The best way to listen to this mixtape is by hearing his original version, and then listening to my spin on it – it is quite entertaining this way!

Thank you for reading this, and checking out my free Christmas gift to you all – It comes out Dec. 23 – but it may be pre-released on the 21st with the album art for you to download as well! I am very excited! Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo.

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