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When we are given a name and identity, we are like cars with a complete engine. We have access to the highest quality parts, the best quality oil, and a full tank of gas. The problem is the road comes full of accidents and terrible weather conditions, in the form of temptations, bad relationships, misguided hearts, and the list goes on….

Several holes are made in us, and everything good that was used to build us up start to leak. A leak is when you are not fully formed in a certain area of your life. A leak is when you make errors in one area over and over. A leak is dangerous when you use the best articulated argument to defend the leak. A leak becomes lethal when your argument convinces yourself that the leak is justified.

We don’t talk about leaks anymore. We don’t like to get to the heart of leaks because it is grossly uncomfortable. We like to talk about dreams and ambition, but we hate to talk about the reasons that 99% of people will never reach their heart’s cry because of the leaks in their life. I am deathly afraid of my leaks – I am deathly afraid that I could be the reason why I am not used – that I will be my own worst enemy.

I speak about grace quite frequently in these posts. Yes – the grace of God covers all leaks – yes, we can be full of holes and can be used. However, the truth of the matter is that every new situation and leak presents an opportunity to be changed. You have the ability to change so that the leak will not affect you. Grace does not mean God uses you through your leaks and that’s all – Grace means God uses you despite your leaks, but really wants to change you and make you stop. He wants transformation.

I am going to share something that I thought I would never talk about – But why not? It’s Christmas Eve and I find that I care so much about your heart and soul that I really am not interested in approval ratings – hey, if Obama can take the hit, so can I :-)- there’s my civic duty for the day. I am going to address the issue of sex before marriage (dramatic pause – ok let’s continue) — The majority of you reading this (I would guess 80%) have sex on a consistent basis. Some of you are married, but most of you are not. I know I can be candid with you because you’ve all heard “Top of the World” already 🙂 So thank you for being open minded enough to deal with me and trusting me enough to engage in this dialogue.

A very trusted spiritual person in my life (there’s only 3 or 4) told me a story about a couple who got married. They were sure that each person was for each other, and everyone around them felt the same exact way – very little opposition against this couple. They got happily married – strong Christians, strong faith background, strong everything. They were very ambitious, and each had a strong calling in their lives with their respective areas of interests. Their marriage didn’t last. When they both were asked why, they both knew exactly the reason. They were sexually active before marriage – something started to leak before they fully committed to one another.

Now I know what most of you are thinking – What does that have to do with their failed marriage? Great question – I wish I got a chance to ask them. Here are my thoughts — A leak starts out unnoticed. A leak starts out justified. A leak starts when you think everything is perfect and glorious. A leak starts out when you think you aren’t hurting someone. I hear this all the time – “As long as my actions don’t hurt someone, then I should be free to do them.” I don’t care what religion you are, you will agree with the following statements. When you have sex, two people become one. When you have sex, you link to someone’s souls. It doesn’t matter how physical sex is, you are having sex because you want love – You desire love from the other person and you are entering into it physically. What happens when something that is meant for after marriage is done before marriage? Mistrust happens. You begin to second-guess yourself and the person you love. Sex has a way of covering up all real issues – all heart cries – all true desires. To most people, sex means love. So it covers up all the real ways that you should be loving one another before marriage.

I can go on and on about this – and so can you – you have your “rebuttal.” But let me conclude here. If you are having sex before marriage and are a serious person who wants to see global change, consider this possibility. You being sexually active before marriage can be a leak that ties in directly with your destiny. Every time you do what is outside of the best choice, you are leaking power that was given to you. You are getting more and more weak, because substance is literally oozing out of you – every, single time. You were created with no mistakes, and God wants to give you the best marriages, relationships, friendships, and dreams. Change can happen overnight. It doesn’t always have to be a process – Sometimes it’s just a switch of the light.

My own worst nightmare, The Devil’s recipe / And my biggest enemy seems to be my inner me –Anywhere But Here (Zer0 & 1ne)

Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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