How to Order:
Select a payment method below and enter the total dollar amount for your items plus $10 shipping (total even if ordering multiple items) or request local pick up if you know Jeevo personally. You MUST add a message to your order including the items with sizes, quantity and color (for hat).

    Example message: One large sweatpants, one large shorts, one red hat. $105 + $10 shipping = $115
    Example message: One medium shorts, one purple hat. Local pick up from Jeevo. $35 + $25 = $60
For Zelle send payment to [email protected]


$45 for sweatpants (s, m, l, xl)
Available 4/14


$35 for shorts (s, m, l , xl)
Available 4/14


$25 for hats | One size fits all | Colors: tan, purple, red, royal blue, gray blue
Available 4/14