My 28 Questions for God.

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1) How can I trust you more? – But the real question is: Can I actually trust you more, given that I don’t fully trust you with what you are doing now?

2) What happens to the good people who don’t have enough strength to keep using your strength?

3) Would I be a Christian if my mom wasn’t a Christian? 

4) How come people with a terrible moral compass achieve great success?

5) Why are most people fake, when they are made in your real image?

6) How come we spend more energy creating an image than working on our core self?

7) Is it possible for me to destroy your will for my life, or will you keep redeeming me until whatever I do becomes your will?

8) How come I make great music, but few people recognize it?

9) Should I focus on making my music known, or making my music better?

10) How come most people have really easy “callings,” even though people will be offended that I would deem another’s calling easy?

11) Why is hope reduced to a feeling?

12) Are you less real to people that don’t know you?  Why did you choose me to know you and not others? – That’s 2 questions but it’s my list of questions.

13) Do you celebrate your birth or your death more? Should I celebrate my birth or my dying more?

14) Is hell bad enough for the worst religious men and women?

15) What moves you?  What are the things that please you?

16) For not being a formula, most people approach you like one – was this your intent?

17) How come children are so smart and precious, and get more foolish and mean as they become adults?

18) Why is a huge theme of following you simply waiting on you?  Does this make you happy?

19) Why do people compare themselves to each other?

20) Who invented jealousy and insecurity? I hate those 2 the most.

21) How come my parents were not equally yoked, yet they made me and I turned out well? 🙂 – and how come there are parents that are so spiritual and have such unimpressive kids?

22) Why do people who are educated think they are smarter than people who didn’t have formal education?  Don’t they realize everything evens out when you step into the world.

23) How come you love people so much that you choose to remain so silent sometimes?

24) If you love people equally, how come they don’t feel loved equally?

25) How come the more I know, the more I’m confused?

26) When will I perform in big venues with amazing sound?

27) When will I get a grammy?

28) And since it’s my birthday – What’s your favorite Jeevo song? And did I write it, or did you? 🙂


Thank you for 28 years, and for putting up with me for so long.  I hope I can be everything you’ve ever wanted me to be.  For your glory.  For your honor.  For your deep pleasure.  I love you. 

– Jeevo


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