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>It has been 9 years since I have graduated high school. This is ridiculous. Where in the world did the time go? I am eagerly waiting to get old. I can imagine myself a bit more content, a bit more secure in my own skin, and a bit more seasoned. I can see a swagger that is even more rooted in God, and less a function of natural self-confidence. I can see a better version of myself. I can see myself still full of flaws, but better suited and prepared to improve.

Spending a weekend in Las Vegas can be so informative if you allow it to. When people go away on vacation, they seem to think they can turn off their spiritual switch – or turn off their problems – or put their real life on hold. I saw it firsthand in Vegas. You see the lines to the clubs. You see boys and girls being boys and girls. Everyone looks the same. Everyone acts the same. Everyone wants the glory. Everyone desperately needs attention. Everyone wants love – bottom line. I can’t look down on them though. How could I? I understand this deep need for love. I resonate with it. I have chosen to get it elsewhere. But I am the same savage that needs the same wreckless love..the same wreckless attention..and the same wreckless pursuit from someone other than the mirror.

When I go on vacation, I am more aware that I shouldn’t necessarily be on vacation. I am more aware that my calling is in me. My calling goes where I go. My calling is manifested in the presence of God who gave me a chance, no matter where my feeble body goes. This is a remarkable thing isn’t it? In us, we have a million dollars at all times. We have access to the very resources of Heaven. We can do anything at any give time, with the presence of God in us. “I am with you” means He walks with you to Vegas. He is with you when you are watching the Laker game and put money down on it too!; He is with you when you are being “secular;” He is with you when you are eating. You can’t compartmentalize when you want Him to be with you – this could be kind of annoying if you’re not used to it 🙂

In high school, my group of friends and I thought we were the CEO’s of Pasadena. We walked around like everything sang to our tune. In some ways it did. We titled our page in the yearbook “Perfection.” Needless to say, self-esteem wasn’t much of an issue for us. There were other issues – just not that one..haha. To this day we laugh about it. We laugh about how 9 years later, most of us are more confused than we were in 2001.

I thought about perfection alot this memorial weekend. I thought about how most people admit they are not perfect, but carry this huge burden to be perfect. It’s in how we walk isn’t it? We are constantly wanting to be something to those in front of us. Some people pride themselves on being “perfectionists.” I think this is really dumb, especially because those that pride themselves on this don’t do much. If you think you are a perfectionist, it is an excuse to the world that you want things to be “just right” before accomplishing anything. Perfectionism doesn’t mean much when human beings are using the term. What is perfect to you can be intolerable to the next person.

The problem with living this way is you hide behind a benchmark that you will never attain. There will be flaws that saturate whatever your life’s calling is – the key is to allow something greater to shine through that gives what you do a redemptive quality. No one is changed by perfection. People are changed through redemption.

Nine years after our yearbook page, I choose to edit our title. Someone please add an “I-M” before the perfection, and the following in parenthesis: His grace is sufficient. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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