>Psalm 16 – Preparation for Fall Conference

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>My heart jumps from conviction and excitement as I hear words in season – on time – sharp like a laser — My own soul has to fall under this scrutiny—

“The Lord wants to be your cup. The Lord does not want to be an instrument of which you can have your own cup – your own portion. Christianty is not a religion that facilitates our own dreams. Christianity doesn’t even begin with that. If you’ve lived your life reading all the literature of how Christianity can facilitate your dreams, you haven’t even begun as a Christian. You can’t take God and fix Him to your own idea of good. God has to overshadow everything and put aside every other good that we have, and He becomes our good.”

“Our good lies completely OUTSIDE ourselves.”

“God’s absolute weight relativizes me in such a way that I do not get in the way of God’s purposes.”

“I began to pray so that I got freed up….”

“It does not rely on our own good – Because we are only good in unstable ways.”

–Michael Koh (VCF Sermon – 9/12/10)

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