Pure Joy – Just a moment, but I’ll take it

I have been begging God for a team for years. When I say team, I’m talking about a team of All-Stars. I’m speaking of a team where I’m not Kobe Bryant – I’m more like Lamar Odom – Where I play a solid part, but I can stand in awe of the greater ones around me. I need a team where I’m one of the weaker players. I need a team where I can pass the ball and know that my teammates will do better with the ball than I can. I need a team that will fight for me. I need a team that won’t be insecure when I get my moments of “shine.” I need a team that will die for me – I need a team that is worth dying for.

The anointing comes at different times. It comes when you don’t expect it. It comes when you are unsure of many things in your life. Team members arise when they are most needed. I got a taste of that when working with this guy named John Ellis – the director of my new single “Spoonful of Sugar.” – I write it here because you are really a fan if you read this – you deserve more information than selfish stalkers – the facebook krap doesn’t mean anything to me – so I keep things vague on there – Have I told you how much I despise social media?

John is creative, and very hard working. I was never sure if he would dumb himself down to work with me. He’s far better in his field than I am in mine – He doesn’t need much – he just needs sparks of artistic perfection – artistic vision – and he takes it from there. As I was editing my video with him, we were both giddy. Do you know how it feels to be giddy with someone about art? It is something that I will never be able to put in words. It is a moment of joy that I can only hope to experience more and more. In that moment, everything bad was erased. I’ve heard people in love say this before. They say that when you meet “the one,” every bad experience in love before just gets wiped away. I believe this too. When you experience the fullness of joy, everything terrible gets erased.

I needed this moment of joy more than anything. When hope starts spiraling down at an unhealthy rate, you need something to grab you in the midst of endless query. Yes it is good to question – but then there are questions that are really not good to ask. Is music really worth it? Will people really get it? Has all this endless labor been in vain? How can I keep going when my own family and friends don’t even get it? Everything erased when I experienced giddy joy. The kind that makes you cry, laugh, and smile wholeheartedly all at the same time. It is done with all of your soul. You can feel your entire soul in that moment.

I will never forget this joy. I will never forget my desire for the team of All-Stars I so deeply want. I will never stop asking God for a manager that will take my career to the next level. I will never stop begging God to give me musicians that will stand by my side – to play their hearts out every single time I get on stage. I will never stop pleading for an orchestra to play my music without asking for abnormal prices. I will never stop telling people that I’m worth it. I’m standing right where I’m supposed to be – and something tells me that you are too. So stay away from us loneliness, despair, and conformity. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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    >Alchemist reference: that's the Universe conspiring in your favor. I love this very very much. Go get 'em.