>Rajo to Rajeev to G-Vo to Nothing to Something

>When I first came into the music industry under the name G-Vo, those who knew me looked at me like I killed someone. They had that uncomfortable yet trying to be encouraging expression on their face, when I chose my artist name 🙂 I live for these expressions. I thrive under these expressions. Encouragement and real support is wonderful – but there is something so inspiring about doubt. I can recall people trying to give me names, or suggest that I keep Rajeev as my stage name. I recall my cheeky smile in response to their good-hearted suggestions – some of you know this smile, and it irritates the living daylights out of you.

I was used to these expressions – they were reminiscent of when I chose the name John Baptist for my record label, and pledged to the world that we were not a religious music entity. Here again, people had opinions. How could you say you want to be in the secular world, but name your company after a religious figure in the Bible? If only those people knew who John the Baptist was…and I mean really knew who John the Baptist was.

Three years later, my music is an extension of John Baptist Records, and the artist known as G-Vo. You could not call me anything else even if you tried. Screaming John Baptist Records and representing my company at the top of my lungs is something that you are used to by now. Some of you call me G-Vo, and it is so natural to you even though you have known me my entire life. So what is all this talk about identity? Afterall, it’s just a name isn’t it? – wrong.

My pastor always tells us that the world will always try and give us names (by the way, I will be quoting him alot in these postings). The world loves to define us and tell us what we should be. It wants us to be a slave to its demands. It messes with who we really are at our core, and it tampers with our understanding of love and acceptance.

In my tiny experience of building a name, brand, and product, I can safely say that if you build, they shall come. When you dictate conditions based on your convictions, things will follow. We cannot be a people that are constantly being told what to do. It is time for you to set the trends. For you to raise the bar where you would like others to reach. For you to not be contemporary – but to be ahead of the curve – ahead of the masses – ahead of your time. Allow people to look at you with a puzzled expression. Eventually, they will put the pieces of that puzzle together – but for now, do not give them instructions with the box.

Peace and much love to you – John Baptist (that name never sounded sweeter)!

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  1. Faith

    >Your words are inspiring. Your perspective refreshing. Keep it coming!