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>It is a common misconception that people of destiny are always “plugged in” and continually on fire. Many assume that people of substance are walking on air and water at all times. The ironic thing is most people who do some significant things in this world are those that are most in touch with their own inconsistencies and shortcomings.

I have found that our human condition has very little bias in its impact on all human beings. It does not predispose itself to the weak and frail. The strong and revered fall victim in the same measure. The desert is dry and water is hard to find no matter how savvy of a person you are. The thing that gets people in a mess is a sense of entitlement when entering the desert. You aren’t above the desert. The desert does not care what your past was, who you think you will become, and why you shouldn’t be in the desert. I know alot of gifted people who lose tremendously in the desert. All their pride and entitlement surfaces, so they are completely blinded and unable to see the precious gift that is meant for them in the desert. The problem is – rather, the wonderful thing is – that the gift is at the very heart of the desert – it is buried in the sand, where the heat is the strongest, and where the heart and mind are so incredibly vulnerable.

Recovery Time – this is where we get stronger and stronger. When you are blind-sided by the heat and fatigue, how fast will you get up? How fast will you come back stronger? The real question is: Do you even want to come back stronger? Do you even want to come back?

There is a place where you have to take up your mat and walk – you have to get up and move – and fight like a caged monster. You need to want something more than food. Do you want anything more than food? This is a bold statement coming from a fat child at heart 🙂

How do we recover? How fast are we able to come back – and come back stronger. I am not impressed by the success of individuals – most of it is timing and good fortune. I am most in awe when people are thrown down – struck – and persecuted – but they bounce back like a ferocious lion – they come back with lasers in their eyes – I salute you endangered species – keep fighting.

Today, track #2 rings loud – “Soldiers in the calvary we’re walking in the darkness / And we don’t have a clue if we will see, will we see? / The weather is uncertain and our enemies surround us / And we don’t have a clue if we will live, will we live? / We’re marching to a destiny that we don’t know exists / But the light that we follow says it does, so we go / The prophecy upholds us but the evidence is grim / Only fools would continue on this march, only fools”
Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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