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>If you have not read “The Alchemist,” I would suggest you purchase the book on Amazon.com as soon as you finish reading this blog post – or find someone who has it and borrow it, so that you can use the money to buy “Endangered Species” in a month’s time.

Santiago is forced to embark on a journey that he never imagined – but when I say “forced,” I mean a deep desire that grew in his heart. His heart spoke louder than the voices and external factors that screamed impossibility. An old man (AKA God) that he meets along the way promises him that the universe makes a way for people who are walking in their destiny.

For alot of us, we always feel like we are on the short end of the stick. Success is something that we have never seen, and we are always just trying to survive. I wonder if the universe (AKA God) does not want to give you good fortune because you are walking a road that is not yours to walk. You are living out a purpose that is for someone else – or for no one for that matter. You will not be fortunate on a path that is far below your real destiny. You can scream and shout all you want for God to grant you favor and blessing, but the God I know loves you too much to make you comfortable in a life that you were never meant to live.

I don’t believe in drastic measures. But if I read the signs of God correctly, I think drastic measures are very necessary at some points in your life. Your heart can drown out after a while. Your heart can scream at you, but you can medicate it with logic. My pastor told me to never dampen my fire. He told me that it’s the only thing we have at the end of the day. Allow the fire to mature you and purify you, but don’t ever let the world or its factors put out your fire. When I look in the mirror, I have to ask myself if my fire has been dampened. We all do. We have to protect our fire. Once you lose your fire, you lose everything – and you learn how to live like the rest of the world.

Today, I hear my heart loud and clear. It resonates and echoes around my entire being. There is a destiny for each of us. I believe in this like I believe that the sky is light blue. I don’t believe we are robots that just act these destinies out. I believe we are human beings that have the joy of figuring out these mysteries by a grace that is apportioned to us. Child-like faith. That is all I ever wanted. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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