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It has been 10 years since I graduated high school.  I still remember those who were clever, those who were sort of smart, those who were naturally gifted, and those who worked really hard.  Though my school was poor and academically challenged, there were 50 of us in my class that participated in the Advanced Placement Program.  These 50 were good students and went on to solid universities.  I loved the class of 2001 very much. 

I remember the smartest kids.  They were not so smart outside the classroom – but they certainly had the goods within those classroom walls.  I realized that you can be “smart” and dumb all at the same time.  They got the answers right all the time, but it was because they knew how to get the answers. They were smart at getting answers – they never produced answers or were never a part of any type of solution.  If everyone knew how to get the answers, then everyone would be considered “smart.”  I never envied them.

Not everyone wants to be smart.  Being smart gets you the favor of teachers, but being wise gets you the favor of kings.  I knew the favor of teachers lasted until I graduated.  The pursuit of that was silly.  What happened when you got your diploma – then what?  You have to work that hard to get everyone’s favor! – no thank you. 


I suppose our life is about finding what is most precious and then doing what it takes to get it.  Wherever our time and heart is can be a good indicator of what we deem as important.  You can’t get away from what is important to you.  It dictates your schedule, it consumes your mind, and you tend to react out of these central / core things.

I want wisdom.  I want to be the one that uncovers mysteries.  I want to be 7 years ahead.  I want to see things that no one else can see – not because I am smart, but because I asked for wisdom and got it.  When you are smart, you are threated by someone else’s smartness.  When you are wise, you know that the more people that are wise with you, the better your own cause.  Wisdom wants nothing more than to pass it on to the next.  Wisdom has no competition – it just enlarges your heart.  Wisdom is not a thing, but it is a person.  Wisdom is the embodiment of the Most High.  Wisdom does not stand alone as a gift – but is relational.  It demands the same things as a relationship with any loved one requires.  Wisdom can grow in you.  How astounding.

You can be a bad test taker, and be wise beyond your years.  You can be an average student, and know the secrets of our Creator.  You could have failed everything, and still become a master – a person that everyone will seek after.  You can have Kings, Presidents, and Prime Ministers at your front door if you only ask for Wisdom.

It is an unfortunate thing that other things come before wisdom.  It is a huge travesty that money, success, fame, and glory come before wisdom.  With wisdom, you answer to very few people.  With wisdom, you operate in loyalty, freedom, and trust.  With wisdom, you experience physical and spiritual healing.  With wisdom, everthing opens up.  Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo.






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