The Dynamic Provision of God – Happy Thanksgiving :-)

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Thanksgiving. Unreal to think about how much we have to be thankful for. If you believe in God, then Thanksgiving is certainly everyday. I listened to what people are thankful for this year. Finances, homes, spouses, friends, jobs – the list goes on. These are all worthy things to be thankful for. These things have such deep value in our daily lives.

We can often think of the provision of God as the things He gives us. We measure our gratitude by what we have been blessed with. However, I believe we can miss the most profound areas of gratitude if we keep relating to thankfulness and God this way. Human beings always say that God deserves more than our thanks can ever give. We always speak of the immeasurable love of God, and how we are abundantly blessed – Yet we still base our gratitude on what we have. In a sense, you can only be thankful to God to a certain point if you base your thankfulness on what you have. If our family gave us $10,000, we tend to be thankful in response to the measure of $10,000. This is natural isn’t it? If our friend lets us borrow their computer, we will be thankful to a certain point – but we’re not necessarily going to worship the ground they walk on.

How do we access such a deep gratitude to the Almighty if we are so human? How can we appreciate the Creator beyond the things He creates, or bestows upon us? When we relate to each other on a human level, we do so in measures and balances. God doesn’t relate to us this way.

When God “provides” He doesn’t just provide what we ask for. When we need a car, He doesn’t just give a car – He gives Himself. The presence of God comes with His provision – it’s a sort of non-negotiable that comes with His gift. When God meets your need, He does it tangibly, and then overwhelms you with Himself at the same time. Isn’t this amazing? Isn’t this miraculous? It becomes less about the thing we are asking for, and more about the One we are asking. This is why our gratitude to God is a 24/7 event. This is why our lips and hearts keep praising Him. This is different from what our parents can give us. This is different from what our friends can do for us. God marks His provision with Himself. There are certain things in my life that I cannot thank God enough for. Some include a few key friendships, and even my car. When I was looking for my first car, I pleaded with God that it would help establish my life – and just get the job done. My champagne colored 1998 Infiniti means more to me than most peoples’ cars mean to them. This thing has taken me from studio to studio – carried musicians – carried my friends – taken me to work and back – taken me to church – hosted all my album release concerts, cd’s, pictures, etc. God gave me the car. But more importantly – He gave me Himself when He gave me that car. His provision led me to Him and His purposes for my life. I am so grateful for my 13 year old car – it has served me so well.

When we access the Provider amidst the provision, we can live our life completely differently. We will become unrecognizable. We have to believe that when we ask for something, we can give it over completely to the One whom we ask from. As we do this, we get to experience the Divine Provider. Most people in America cannot get into this for many reasons. The first being that most of us are hard workers who allow money to provide for us. We have never really needed money the same way most of the world does. We also are very skeptical of just receiving things as gifts. Everything God gives is a gift – unearned and undeserved. This makes us cringe. We are not adjusted to this in America.

The fulness of God is waiting for us in our every need. We have a Father who loves to give. But He loves to give Himself more than the thing we actually “need.” We can think of serving others and having compassion in the same way. When we help / serve others, we cannot humanly meet needs and expect to transform and shape the world. We must deliver God in the service. We must pass on the Dynamic Provision of God versus our own provision. God is not only our provider – He is the provision. This Thanksgiving, I am less thankful of the things I have and the people in my life. It sounds so terrible to say, but it’s true. I find myself most thankful to God for giving me Himself. Live like you’re chosen. Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo.

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