The Mind of a Miracle

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What is our role in a miracle?  By definition, a miracle is something that requires Divine intervention, or something that happens without our doing.  It is something that cannot be explained away.  It is Supernatural – beyond the physical realm.  Do we have anything to do with a miracle?  Do we “help” a miracle along?  Will a miracle happen if we are not involved?

These questions cannot be answered by most pastors or theologians.  When I read the Bible, I see that miracles do happen “outside” of people – but I see miracles being for the people.  It is hard for us to imagine people being raised from the dead.  It is hard for us to believe that Jesus walked on water or even made the blind really see.  Either this man was the real deal, or He had some amazing writers scripting it all out – what vivid imaginations!

The fact of the matter is that our culture is out of touch with these miracles.  We don’t believe in them, and we surely don’t experience them.  If we hear of it, we are marveled by it but then quickly disregard them because of how ridiculous they sound!  I’m not sure how most of Christianity can explain away miracles.  I’ve heard people say that God doesn’t work like that anymore – or that this generation does not believe like previous ones did – or that we have too many distractions to encounter such faith.  Some of us even tell stories with a miraculous spin just to salvage the essence of our faith.  Some of our experiences were not miracles, but we want to believe in them – so we make them miraculous.  I know you all know what I’m saying – I have probably done the same thing.

I realize my faith cannot understand what it takes to become a miracle worker.  So I put an end to all strivings a long time ago.  I just know that God works miracles, and we have the earth shattering honor of being a part of them.  The best thing about a miracle is that human beings can be a part of them – this is probably the most miraculous aspect of a miracle!  We can’t conjure up miracles – it’s not in our DNA.  However, we can be ready for them – we can be wide-eyed and expectant – we can be used by God for things much deeper than the miracle itself. 

I have felt like the guy who boasts about the richness and “bigness” of God, but can’t seem to help others see it.  I feel like most people are waiting for me to get my big break in the music industry so they can revamp their own faith journey.  The truth is that God decides to do what He wants in His own time.  I would really suggest you focus on your own faith journey to decide if you believe in God – without waiting for my music career to blow up – that’s just real talk. 

Have you ever felt like you want to experience miracles more for the sake of others?  You want others to believe that God is who He says He is through your life.  Recently, I have died to these desires because I have been micro-managing my faith in a way that is not helpful to me or those around me.  You are not the author of miracles – but you can be a part of them – you can bear witness to greatness.  I don’t have a roadmap or advice for you in this post.  I am working it out in real time.  I will say this.  You will see the Hand of God in my life very soon.  I hope you weren’t the one who doubted it – because I won’t recognize you when I’m on stage. Peace, and God’s love to you – Jeevo.


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