The Safe Ones

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The safe ones are actually not that safe at all.

Several people have wonderfully, comfortable lives. You have a stable job, stable income, stable house, stable everything. You can go on trips whenever you want. You have children that go to private schools. You have people that clean your yards once a week. Your life is full of comfortable friends who have comfortable ideologies. You are comfortably religious, and your religion doesn’t actually have that much weight in your life.

The number one feature of you comfortable people, is that no one opposes you. You have no enemies – and if you do have enemies, they are usually people you just don’t like. They are not real enemies because they don’t threaten what you are about. Comfortable people are all around us. In fact, you could be one of them. The comfortable ones are not the subject of conversation – they are the ones conversating.

Opposition is the only thing that purifies you. Going through significant opposition makes you care more – it makes you know who are you – and it takes you to the next level in every single aspect of your life. If you don’t believe this, you have never been through anything. Comfortable people do not have anything to give. If you are comfortable in the way I’m speaking of, you are basically a passive hedonist. You never deprive yourself – You indulge – but you indulge with a frugal disposition. You basically live your life from luxury to luxury – the next wave of happiness you can afford to the next piece of decaying material possession you gathered.

Comfortable people read this and feel tinges in their soul. If you are comfortable, you are probably justifying your lifestyle and telling yourself that “God doesn’t want me to suffer” as you continue along reading. Comfortable people are kings and queens of justification. They have explanations for everything, because much of their comfort comes from a decent education. Their comfort also comes from comfortable parents who also lead a comfortable life. Comfortable people come in all shapes and sizes, and all soci-economic backgrounds. You can be in poverty and comfortable. You can be in a palace and comfortable. Comfortable people are not captivated by the fire – instead, they like to dampen the fire. Comfortable people usually cry “I worked hard for this.” They also say that they are pursuing these day to day comforts so they can do good with it (that’s my personal favorite).

There is nothing wrong with being safe – but it’s terrible when we come up with our own definitions of safety. Anything other than pursuing what you were meant to do is dangerous and volatile. You will see that as you pursue “safety,” things get terribly wrong. Your vision gets uncharacteristically blurred when you are on a safe road. The marriage you’ve always wanted, the friends you’ve always dreamed to share life with, the reality of love in your life will all be in question when you are on a safe road. Your Divine Leader will part clouds and oceans and mountains and storms for you – you just have to chooose to follow, and leave the comforts behind. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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