Waiting for the Approval

Confirmation is a funny thing. We all want the head nod – the vote of confidence – the affirming grin – the agreeable disposition from those closest to us. Confirmation gives us a lifting in our spirits. It helps us know we are right where we need to be. If we could all sense the confirmation of God, this world would be full of first-class decisions and zero anxiety.

Since we can’t access confirmation from the Almighty quite so easily, where do our hearts go naturally? – yes – the confirmation of people. How do confused people base their decisions? My guess is they draw their confirmations from others as well – who are equally confused. Now we get a cycle of confused people confirming each others’ emotions and decisions.

What are we to do in a world that seems to get more and more confusing each day? Everyone is a walking quandary of competing ideas, experiences, and values. Very few people have the gift of speaking objectively. It is as if this world is a big courtroom – whoever has the most convincing argument wins. Whoever can prove the other person more wrong has more value. A person full of truth but with a low ability to communicate will certainly be cast aside. Truth can be passed up – especially when the vessel of truth is not polished.

I believe that we want affirmation more than we want truth. We would rather live in ignorant bliss than wrestle with what is true – that is why we look for the head nod. We form coalitions of “yes men” and “yes women” to massage our mediocrity. Once we feel good about second class decisions, we decide they are the best – after all, everyone seems to approve. What we forget is who actually did the approving. We forget that a low class approval system doesn’t equate success. A car doesn’t pass a smog test if the mechanic didn’t fully check the car with his machine – A car isn’t fit for the road just because the mechanic gives you the go ahead.

Approval isn’t enough. Slavery was approved. Racism was approved. George W. Bush was approved (haha). Approval is not the barometer for “it’s ok.” Approval is just a human means of coping. What are you waiting for approval over? What do you need to be confirmed? What do you need to be encouraged? What don’t you know for yourself that you need others to tell you?

James 1:5 – there is your answer – nowhere else – no one else. Peace, and much love to you – John Baptist!

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  1. Lmarcos

    your blog hits the heart and soul once again …this is my favorite line: "Everyone is a walking quandary of competing ideas, experiences, and values."

    its my favorite line bc its so true!