Why Do We Give Up?

Why Do We Give Up?

This is track number 3 from my Zero & !ne album – I was so close to not putting this on the album until God stirred my soul as we were mastering the other songs.

Your homework assignment: Read these lyrics while playing the song in your headphones – tell me how it goes for you. Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo.

Why Do We Give Up

Verse 1: Yea, better safe than sorry / Well sorry, that don’t do nothing for me / No conventional allegory / Could ever make me want another man’s story / You see, that’s the main problem we face / We got a bunch of carbon copies trying to play it safe / Take what’s been done before to get the same result / But to God that could be one big insult / So for me, give me a road not explored / The freedom to choose with a bunch of different doors / No nautical knowledge, to sail the 7 seas / Your voice as my compass, with 2 guarantees / That you’ll never leave my side, you’ll love me till I die / You know I can’t swim, so you’ll always keep me dry / I’de rather fail at being great, not succeed at what’s been done / I will not take the course that’s been already run

Chorus: Why do we give up, Why do we let go / Maybe it’s the fight that makes us grow / I’m searching for my lane / I’m losing at my game / Maybe it’s the fight that keeps me sane / I’m looking in the distance, and I can’t see my future / So I’ll just live in these small moments / Maybe it’s my greatness, or maybe it’s my weakness / But struggle makes me sure I’m on my way

Verse 2: I got an angel by my side, and a demon on the other / They fight for my soul like a childless mother / Now the battle takes a toll on my human shoulder / So I document my trials in this human folder / In the forms of these songs, I pray God rights my wrongs / When His light switches on then my tragedy is gone / But sometimes His grace has to hide all the light / For the sake of our fight, to run with no sight / So we build all this faith and our character is formed / And we find all our calm in the midst of the storm / But in the midst of our gain, we still feel all the pain / Though the scene has seen change it seems things are the same / So the demon by my side appears to multiply / While the self righteous angel retreats to its sky / I’m left with no answer but a cancer in my soul / When the pressure comes quick, I will not fold

Verse 3: Walk through the earth’s core, dropped off in the abyss / Confused like the boy who got his first kiss / Eat your soup with a fork, cut the steak with a spoon / Find the sun when it’s dark, when it’s day find the moon / Let him with no sin, cast the first stone / Yet the One with no sin, never had a stone / So with my faith, I will meditate / And confirm in Heaven’s timing that it’s not too late / Resuscitate, every bad thing that was 2nd rate / And turn them into piles full of fishing bait / That could reel in a better fish if we just wait / For the waters to stir, to disseminate / All the quality choices to permeate, and set us straight / I’m full for now because I just ate / And when I’m empty again, oh He fills my plate – YES!

3 Responses

  1. shannie

    >love that we have your lyrics! yes!

  2. ...by Faith

    >I thought of 1 Corinthians 12:12-end. We each have a unique purpose to fulfill in the body of Christ. We need each other in God's body.
    The chorus is on point in my life, especially the last line (Philippians 1:29). Also the the line "So I’ll just leave in these small moments", I thought 'leave' was actually 'live', but now for me it's learn.
    This is a great and encouraging song. I love the message, perspective, and metaphors. I also love the reminder that I share the same struggle with someone else.
    Thank you for sharing your music/life.

  3. Rajeev23

    >i realized there was a typo – it actually is "live!" – i typed it wrong – thank you for reading and listening so carefully!